Sikh Council UK Speaks Out on Disturbances in Gurdwaras


Sikh Council UK
PO BOX 16788
Smethwick, B67 9FH
07867 608417

Friday, 18 July 2014.  The Sikh Council UK is concerned about isolated disturbances that occur in Gurdwaras, especially those involving aggressive behaviour. These have a negative impact both within the Sikh Community and society in general. These incidents not only bring the community into disrepute but they also divides the Sangat and occasionally results in individuals being criminalised.

The Sikh Council UK would also reaffirm that along with the legal right to carry a Kirpan, individuals also have associated responsibilities in line with the law and any breach of the law may result in criminal charges as well as drawing condemnation from the community.

We urge all parties in any dispute to seek mediation and aim to resolve differences through dialogue, understanding and compromise wherever possible. The Sikh Council UK is willing to act as a mediator, if both parties in any dispute agree.


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Belgium, Vilvoorde Gurdwara, 6 July 2014

06/07 – My favourite Afghan granddaughter

06/07 My favourite Afghan granddaughter

06/07 Afghan kuri

07/07 Granthi Gurpreet Singh & daughter

07/07 Sevadar

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Harjinder Singh
Man in Blue

The Tribune – Sikh group launches White House online petition against Modi

Washington, 22 July 2014. A New York-based Sikh rights group, which had earlier campaigned against Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh, has launched an online petition campaign urging President Barack Obama to cancel invitation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the 2002 communal riots in Gujarat.

“Instead of hosting Modi at White House, President Obama should condemn Modi and ban BJP for perpetrating violence against Muslims, Sikhs and Christians,” says the White House online petition which was launched by the Sikh for Justice (SFJ) yesterday.

Obama has invited Modi to visit the US and for a meeting with him at the White House on September 30.

“In June 1984, BJP instigated military attack on the Golden Temple resulting in the massacre of thousands of Sikh pilgrims. In 2008, BJP orchestrated violence against Christians in Orissa,” the petition alleges.

The petition, requires at least 100,000 signatures by August 20 to gain any attention of the White House, on the first day had got less than two dozen petitions.

The SFJ had campaigned against Gandhi and Singh in connection with the anti-Sikh riots of 1984 following the assassination of the then prime minister Indira Gandhi. (PTI)

BBC News – Indian media: ‘Cruelty’ in schools

Tuesday, 22 July 2014. Media in India are shocked over several cases of “cruelty” against school students in the past few days.

Several media outlets on Tuesday reported a video clip that shows a teacher beating students at a blind school in southern Andhra Pradesh state.

“The bizarre incident took place on Friday and came to light only on Monday when some unidentified persons sent the video clipping to a couple of Telugu news channels,” reports The Hindu.

The Times Now criticises the “barbaric incident”, saying the visually challenged boys were beaten “mercilessly” with a stick.

“All the while, the kids kept screaming for mercy, but the officials continued to thrash them,” reports The Deccan Chronicle.

The paper also says that the incident is a “chilling reminder of the corporal punishment that children face at schools”.

The Times of India says the “recent footage of an Andhra Pradesh teacher viciously caning visually impaired students is spine-chilling”.

The incident comes soon after the alleged rape of a six-year-old girl in a school in southern city of Bangalore triggered a nation-wide debate over safety of school children.

“News of a child being raped in her own school feels especially terrifying, even to a nation already reeling at reports of sex crimes,” says the paper.

“Although government schools get more flak, the fact that the Bangalore child rape took place in an upscale school underlines how the issue of children’s safety cuts across class,” it adds.

Echoing similar concerns, the Hindustan Times says “if this is the state of reputed schools, one shudders to think what happens in government schools, where children are often left unattended and even basic infrastructure like toilets are unavailable, making them vulnerable to such attacks”.

And finally, at least 33 students of a government primary school in Vaishali district of eastern Bihar state were taken ill after a lizard was found in their free school meal, the CNN-IBN website reports.

The Mid-Day Meal Scheme was introduced to combat hunger and boost school attendance, providing free food, but often suffers poor hygiene.

“The school students had finished their meals, when somebody saw a lizard in the leftover food. Soon the kids started vomiting and complaining of stomach ache,” the report quoted Vaishali District Magistrate Vinod Singh Gunjiyal as saying.

Vilvoorde – Guru Nanak Sahib Gurdwara – Akhand Path

Akhand Path – Small Divan

Akhand Path – Small Divan

Young sevadars

Young sevadars

Young sevadar

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Harjinder Singh
Man in Blue – Fremont Gurdwara Sahib Commissions Solar Power System

Fremont, CA, USA, 20 July 2014. Sunpreme Inc, a US-based solar photovoltaic company that designs and manufactures its own cells and panels, announced the commissioning of a 82kW rooftop solar system at the Gurdwara Sahib, Fremont, California.

The system is one of the largest rooftop solar installations to use Sunpreme’s advanced solar PV technology that will generate 150,000kWh of clean, emission free electricity annually – while providing a centerpiece to their holistic approach to environmental stewardship.

Sunpreme’s highly reliable and Bi-facial panels coupled with best-in-class inverters and racking systems are designed to maximize energy production. The solar panels installed are the Maxima GxB280, 60 Cell, 280W product that is UL and IEC certified.

These tempered double glass, frameless panels need no grounding, are very easy to install, and while providing an aesthetically great look for roof top applications.

“The primary objective in adding a solar system was to enhance our green initiative and significantly reducing yearly utility electricity bills. We selected Sunpreme Solar Panel because of their proven reliable technology, higher efficiency Bi-facial panels, aesthetics, and their total technical solution.

We are delighted to see high quality product design and installation, and consistent energy output performance. As a result we are maximizing our energy cost savings that exceeds our expectations, and able to cut our carbon emissions by 50 percent.

The Gurdwara Sahib is setting a great example,” said Harjeet Singh, who oversees facility operations at the Gurdwara Sahib.

“We are gratified by the successful outcome of this distributed power generation project. It demonstrates Sunpreme’s capability to deliver total integrated PV solutions, with a winning mix of: (a) world’s best module design, (b) an innovative hybrid cell technology platform, and (c) the most cost effective, high performance required for emerging Solar 2.0 applications,” said Dr. Ashok K. Sinha, Chairman and CEO of Sunpreme.

“Such Solar 2.0 market applications need a maximum of PV energy production from space constrained flat roof tops; our Bi-facial n-Si Solar Cells with 21% Efficiency optimally satisfy such unmet needs,” he added.

“We applaud Gurdwara Sahib’s Management for their vision to have clean and renewable energy for their needs, and we are proud to achieve this critical performance milestone in collaboration with them. Sunpreme deployed the most advanced SmartSilicon® Hybrid Cell Technology at this site that generates higher efficiency and zero light induced degradation.

Additionally, these Bi-facial panels absorb light from both sides increasing energy yield (kWh) per kWp further. Gurdwara Sahib depends on reliable solar system, and by focusing on advanced panel technology we are able to develop a competitive, cost efficient solution – for the next 25 years or more while enhancing their green initiative,” said Surinder S. Bedi, Executive Vice President of Sunpreme.

“These solar panels have already been tested and certified to withstand the most challenging environmental solutions ranging from hot to cold, sand, snow load, hail stones, and wind load to hurricane prone islands. We expect the system to demonstrate excellent performance, and we look forward in continuing to provide best-in-class customer experience,” added Bedi.

About Gurdwara Sahib

Gurdwara Sahib, Fremont, California established in 1978 is one of the most prominent, largest and influential Sikh Gurdwara in the US.

It has over 10,000 registered members, and welcomes more than 20,000 visitors a month for daily prayers. A place for acquiring spiritual knowledge and wisdom, offering after school classes for children, and community meals for everyone visiting regardless of age, sex, caste, or creed. It is open all 365 days during the year.

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Gurdwaras – Guru Gobind Singh’s Janam Din, Southall Yatra, Middlesex, UK

Divan Hall
The Park Avenue Singh Sabha is more loved by the sangat
than the Havelock Road one

Sri Guru Singh Sabha
2-8 Park Avenue, Southall
Middlesex, UB1 3AG

The Tribune – Jayalalithaa opposes Sanskrit Week celebrations in schools

Chennai, 19 July 2014. Taking strong exception to CBSE’s Sanskrit Week celebrations in schools under its ambit next month, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa on Saturday said it would be appropriate to have organised a ‘Classical Language Week’ in each state based on its linguistic heritage.

As per the communication sent by the Ministry of HRD, while the celebrations would be conducted by the CBSE, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) and National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) in all states between August 7 and 13, state governments have also been requested to organise such events at the state, district and other levels.

“Tamil Nadu has a rich cultural heritage based on the ancient Tamil language. There has also been a strong social justice and language movement in the state. Hence, any official celebration of ‘Sanskrit week’ in Tamil Nadu is highly inappropriate”, she in a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“It would have been much more appropriate to have organised a Classical Language Week in each state based on the linguistic heritage” she said and requested Modi to advise officials to suitably modify the letter to enable each state, including the CBSE schools, to organise celebrations in tune with the language and culture of the state.

“This would be in keeping with the cultural and linguistic sensitivities in a diverse country like ours”, she said.

Allies of the BJP in Tamil Nadu — MDMK and PMK — had also last week spoken against the proposal. (PTI)

The Asian Age – Hafiz Saeed may unleash terror in Kashmir

Rajnish Sharma

New Delhi, 19 July 2014. India’s most wanted terrorist and chief of Jamaat-ud-Dawa, Hafiz Saeed, is working on a lethal plan to unleash a fresh reign of terror in the Kashmir Valley.

Top intelligence sources claimed that for this purpose Hafiz Saeed has now set up a special Kashmir Cell drawing the best and most motivated militants from the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba and the Jaish-e-Mohammed.

These militants are being given advance training in use of sophisticated weapons and fighting Indian security forces at a special camp, set up in South Afghanistan, by foreign mercenaries, specially from Chechnya.

These details have been mentioned in the latest dossier on Hafiz Saeed that Indian intelligence agencies shared with their US counterparts a few days ago.

According to the dossier, details of which have been accessed by this newspaper, Hafiz Saeed has asked Karachi-based Riyaz Bhatkal, founder of Indian Mujahideen and Maulana Masood Azhar, head of Jaish to personally monitor the training of these militants in Afghanistan.

Maulana Masood Azhar, a dreaded terrorist himself, was released by Indian authorities in wake of the IC-814 hijack of an Indian Airlines aircraft in 1999.

“What is significant according to this information is that Hafiz Saeed is bringing in two of the top terror outfits, Indian Mujahideen and Jaish, together in his terror plans.”

Man in Blue, Going to Belgium, Vilvoorde Gurdwara

30/06 Is it an aging hippy ? Is it a Sikh ?
Man in Blue after washing his hair


04/07 Victoria Coach Station
On my way to Brussel

04/07 Victoria Coach Station
On my way to Brussel

04/07 Eurolines Coach, on the motorway, just outside London
On my way to Brussel

Vilvoorde Gurdwara, Akhand Path, small divan

Gurdwara Guru Nanak Sahib
Lange Molen straat 14
B-1800 Vilvoorde, Vlaams Brabant

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To see more Belgium and Netherlands gurdwara pictures :

More UK pictures to follow
Harjinder Singh
Man in Blue


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