333.The Man in Blue – Spiritual Living

How to live a spiritual life? It seems easier to describe what is not spiritual rather than what is. Obviously being ruled by the ‘five thieves’, kam (lust), krodh (anger), lobh (greed), moh (attachment) and ahankar (pride) is not spiritual and doing meditation, service to all, believing in One God and One Humanity and loving God and opening yourself up to God’s Love is spiritual.


I think the start of everything is honesty. Making an honest living, is very important but also honesty with your spouse, your children and other family members, honesty with everybody is absolutely essential. Be very weary of those little white lies, because once you start with even the smallest of lies, you run the risk of getting caught up in ever bigger ones.


Believing in The One All-Pervading, All-Doer and seeing God’s presence in all and everything is a second and more difficult job. I know that God is, because I have experienced God, I had God’s darshan. In order to have God’s darshan you have to open what Guru calls the third eye, but if you are in doubt about God you are likely to keep that third eye firmly shut.  


All I can advise is to start on the path and pray to God with utter humility, saying something like : I am stupid, this is too difficult for me, God please, please help me ! If the prayer really comes from the heart I guarantee that God will help and more than likely in an unexpected way.


Simran, meditation, and Seva, service to all, are very powerful spiritual tools. If you see God in All, if you think of all humanity as your sister and brother you want to be the servant of all. God has no needs, God is self-sufficient, so service to God has to be service to God’s creation. Thinking of God at all times will put you in the right frame of mind, and practising service to all will become an extension of this thinking about God.


The panj chor (five thieves) have to be dealt with in a creative manner. They are based on desires which are essential parts of our nature. Without lust mankind would cease to exist, but as we are not animals who instinctively do what is right for their species, we have to make sure that we are in control and not the lust.


If your wife or husband is also on the path to God you can work together towards true unconditional love that will make you into ‘Two bodies, One soul’. In such a context sexuality will be a tool to get closer to this unity. Similarly you can deal with pride. It is good to feel satisfied with a job well done, and as long as you realise that nothing is done outside God’s Will, you can at the same time be suitably humble.


Any questions ? What is spiritual living ? Spiritual living is living as God’s loving bride, just like we are taught by our eternal Guru !

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