383.The Man in Blue : One God – One Humanity

During my travels in Belgium and the Netherlands I kept a daily blog, but did not write my usual weekly columns.

1 All Pervading, All Doer : This is how I understand the two opening words of the Guru Granth Sahib. But translating Ik Ongkár as 1 God will do, as the rest of what we call Mul Mantr sufficiently explains God’s qualities.

1 God, not many Gods, only 1 God. ‘There is only One God and that is God’ as Al Qu’ran says. I do not really understand the Christian Holy Trinity, but  Christians also believe in the One. Many Hindus say that the 33 crore (330 million) Gods are all manifestations of the One.

The God of the Sikhs is the same as the God of other religions. There is no Christian God, Jewish God, Muslim God or whatever God, there is only One God. That does not stop different traditions having different understandings of the One. Our vision of the Unity of God and Creation is not what most followers of the Abrahamic/Ibrahimic religions belief in.

There are ‘modern’ or ‘secular’ people who only want to believe in what can be proved. Although this is a bit of a boring view of the world, I mostly agree with it. I cannot prove that God exists, but I have experienced God. My experience is not ‘scientific’ but it convinced me that ‘God is’.

The world is crowded by trillions of beings from tiny one celled ‘thingies’ to big critters like the Rhinoceros, the Elephant, and the Blue Whale (bigger than any animal that ever lived). These creatures all have something that is not physical, and which we think is the Atma, the soul, that comes from the Paramatma, the All-Soul, and longs to return to its origin.

Equally all the creatures and the objects, down to the molecules and atoms and the things that make up the atoms, are the physical expression of the One, All Pervading, All Doer, True Nám, Creator Being, the Fearless, Without Anger, Without Blemish, Without Form, the Nourisher, the Liberator, the Biggest Giver, the Limitless, the Destroyer, The Creator, No Name, No Lust (I could go on and on summing up the qualities of our Mother/Father).

One Humanity should really be One Creation. All and everything comes from God, All and Everything is (part of) God.

We should not just respect our fellow human beings of all varieties as our brothers and sisters, we should respect all the animate and the inanimate universe as all of it is God.

When will we stop polluting Creation, when will stop ‘consuming’ the resources that God has given us ‘enough for all, enough for ever’. Mind you, if we destroy the biotope of our tiny corner of the universe I am sure that there are other ‘children of God’ elsewhere in the Universe.

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