396.The Man in Blue – The Sang Parivar

This is not an anti-Hindu article. I met many Hindus who believed in the One, who believed in One Humanity and who did not look down on people of low caste, who made an honest living and shared with others. Some were better Sikhs than many of us.

But I strongly dislike members of the BJP, the VHP, the Bajrang Dal, the Shiv Sena and whatever other ‘Sang Parivar’ organisations there are inside Bharat Mata and outside it.

I dislike these people, as I dislike Panjabis who look down on people from Bihar and UP, as I dislike caste Hindus looking down on ‘outcastes’, as I dislike anybody anywhere who divides humanity in higher and lower.

The Sang Parivar has given up on the idea of Dharm as a way of righteousness. They class all people who follow a dharm that originated on the sub-continent as Hindus. Not in a friendly open way but in a way that wants to narrow down all to their own narrow vision.

The Sang Parivar loves the Sikhs when they fight against Mughals or other Muslims. But if you tell them that a good Sikh should stand up against all dictatorships and all oppressors, including their own intolerant lot, they start foaming at the mouth.

They think that all Indian Christians and Muslims should leave their alien creeds and rejoin the Hindu Dharm. And they do not go about this in a friendly manner either. I agree with them that western Christians or Central Asian or Middle Eastern Muslims have no business to come to India to bring their ‘true religions’ to the poor ‘heathens’.

But killing missionaries, persecuting Christians and Muslims, infiltrating Buddhist, Jain and Sikh organisations, puts them on the same level as the most intolerant members of the Ibrahimic religions. This kind of Hindu supremacist ideas are not unique to the so called ‘Sang Parivar’ but can also be found amongst members of Congress and other smaller parties.

The Dal Khalsa which bravely keeps the idea of Khalistan alive in the East Panjab, makes a big mistake in their attitude towards poor, low caste Hindus from UP and Bihar. These people very often follow the Bhagats whose sabads have an important place in the Guru Granth Sahib.

The people that follow the Sang Parivar ideology are mostly Caste Hindus, not the poor low caste people. There is no Hindu majority in India. If you add the faith and ethnic minorities in India together and include the Dalits, they will form a majority. A real rainbow coalition could rule India, and might even make the biggest democracy a real democracy.

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