451.The Man in Blue – Are you a good Sikh ?

The Man in Blue

We are continuing from two weeks ago, when I discussed a Gursikh’s life. The subject was not and is not whether you are a mona, keshdhari or amritdhari. Only do remember that offering my head to Guru was the best thing I ever did.

Our Guru, the Guru Granth, does not discuss the state of your hair, the Guru Granth emphasises the quality of your meditation, not the quantity, the Guru Granth lays down the principles to base your life on.

If we look at the first page of the Guru Granth Sahib, it starts with the number 1 followed by five words and these describe God as All-Powerful and All-Pervading, as the True Nám and as the Creator Being. Knowing from further reading that the Nám is present in all then we see that all and everything comes from God and that God is present in all and everything. God and creation are one.

Through meditation we realise God’s omnipresence. This realisation leads to seva, selfless service to all. This service includes defending people who are persecuted because of their faith, race or caste, and armed resistance against unjust regimes.

When we see God’s presence in all we want to be honest in all spheres of life. When we see God’s presence in all we want to share time, goods and money with those in need. When we see God’s presence in all we cannot divide humanity in ‘us’ and ‘them’.

I can neither as a white European look down on ‘coloured’ non-Europeans, nor as a Sikh look down on non-Sikhs. I am not a Panjabi, but I have lived in Panjab and in a very Panjabi part of London and I am married to a Panjabi. From my experiences I have developed both positive and negative prejudices, as I am only human. But as a Sikh I should not live by these prejudices.

Sikhs had many interactions with both Hindus and Muslims, and since the days of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and the subsequent coming of the British Raj to Panjab we also have had to cope with Christians.

Sikhs are a relatively small group in between other much bigger religious groups. Christians, Hindus and Muslims have at times treated us with arrogance and disdain. 

We as a people who see God’s presence in all should not judge individuals by their ‘labels’. There is good and bad in all groups. Guru teaches us that we should see nobody as our enemy. Bhai Ghanaya demonstrated this when he served water to wounded Mughals and wounded Sikhs after the battle.

A Sikh should not fight over differences of opinion. Throwing stones at a Gurdwara because they invited somebody you do not agree with, or killing an RSS ‘Sikh’ is not part of a Gursikh way of life. Being Guru’s Sikh is not easy.

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