488.The Man in Blue – Practical Sikhi

I have done a presentation from the stage of the San Bonifacio Gurdwara, trying to explain on what principles a Sikh’s life should be based. These principles are valid for all, regardless whether you are amritdhari, mona or anything in between. Underneath an outline of my presentation.

Guru Granth Sahib – Our Adiapak, our Malik, our Baba
This slide and my comments on the subject earned me a jaikara.

One God – One Humanity

One God : There is no Hindu God, Christian God or Sikh God, There is only One God
One Humanity : women, men; black, brown or white; Hindu, Muslim, Sikh; British, Italian, Panjabi : Ik Parivár. Vahiguru’s children.

Honest Work – Share

Honest Work : You can work on a farm, in a shop, in a government office, in a factory, but a Sikh should always be honest.

Share : Share money, goods, time.

Love God – Open yourself to God’s Love

God is the giver, All we have comes from God, God gives unconditional love. God knows no anger (Nirvair), We are all the brides of God, God is our groom.

If you do not see God in All You will not see God at all

Unfortunately most of the points I raised are not practised by Sikhs, or are even seen as controversial. Guru Gobind Singh’s ‘Guru Granth, Guru Panth’ should be practised by all Gurdwaras and Sikh organisations, but in reality most Gurdwaras are ruled by Sant Babas or dictatorial Pardhans.

I do not deny that there are saints, but the institutional sants in their white clothes, luxury motor cars, big deras and bad manners just do not fit in the Guru Granth/Guru Panth model. ‘Sants’ are rarely humble, although Guru tells us that this is essential for any truly holy person.

I have come across serious Sikhs who believe that we should follow the Hindu multitude of Gods, while many Sikhs do not seem to know what equality means. We do better in the field of honest work and sharing, but at the same time many Sikhs, including initiated ones, follow the ‘modern path’ of ‘more, more, more’ and ‘me, me, me’.

Very few seem to be aware of the loving relationship with God available to all who are even on the first stages of the Guru’s path.