Books on Sikhi in English

 The best book on Sikhi is the Guru Granth Sahib

It is easily available on the internet from with the original text (gurmukhi font) transcription and translation in (American) English. Do not rely on ‘quotes’, always read at least a full shabad (‘hymn’) for better understanding within context.

If you have any further suggestions, with or without comments, please send an email to

Man in Blue

Teach Yourself Sikhism
W. Owen Cole
NTC Publishing Group, Chicago, 1994
ISBN 0-8442-3747-7

History of the Sikhs and their religion
[Vol 1 – The Guru Period (1469 – 1708)]
Edited by Kirpal Singh and Kharak Singh (publisher: Dharam Prachar Committee, SGPC, Amritsar).
ISBN 81-8092-001-1

Sikh Stories (Storyteller)
Anita Ganeri and Rachael Phillips
I know nothing about this book – Man in Blue

Universality of the Sikh Religion:
A Guide to Understanding Sikhism and the Sikh Religion
Jaspal Singh Mayell
I know nothing about this book – Man in Blue

Sikh Gurus, Their Lives and Teachings
K. S. Duggal
UBS Publishers Distributors Ltd., New Delhi, 1993
ISBN 81-85674-99-X
I did not enjoy reading previous efforts by K S Duggal – Man in Blue

Dictionary of Guru Granth Sahib 
Surindar Singh Kohli
Singh Bros., Amritsar, 1996
ISBN 81-7205-174-3
Very useful when you start reading the Guru in the original – Man in Blue   

Essentials of Sikhism
Daljeet Singh
Singh Brothers., Amritsar, 1994
ISBN 81-7205-117-4
I do not like this book – Man in Blue

Fundamental Issues in Sikh Studies
Editors: Kharak Singh, Gobind Singh Mansukhani, Jasbir Singh Mann
Institute of Sikh Studies, Chandigarh, 1992
Should be useful, suspect it to be rather academical – Man in Blue

The Golden Temple
Patwant Singh
ET Publishing Ltd., Hong Kong, published 1989
ISBN 962-7375-01-2
Beautiful, rather costly, get from library – Man in Blue

Recent Researches in Sikhism
Edited by Jasbir Singh Mann, Kharak Singh
Punjabi University, Patiala, 1992
Should be useful, suspect it to be rather academical – Man in Blue

The Name of My Beloved, Verses of the Sikh Gurus  translated by Nikky-Guninder Kaur Singh
HarperCollins Publishers, San Francisco, 1995
ISBN 0-06-067049-5
Useful translations, have some issues with the author’s views on Sikhi, but I would still recommend it –  Man in Blue

Sri Guru Granth Sahib, English and Punjabi Translation (8 volumes)
translated by Manmohan Singh ( highly recommended)
Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, Amritsar, 4th edition 1993
I love these 8 potia, but the English is very old fashioned, the Sikhi to the Max translation is a modernised version of Manmohan Singh’s work – Man in Blue

Sikh Religion and Women
GS Sidhu
I am no fan of G S Sidhu – Man in Blue

Dawn of Divine Wisdom
Bhai Ram Singh Ji
Was AKJ Jathedar in the UK, good and loving person, some AKJ personalities are remarkably sensible – Man in Blue

Based on a list found on the Sikhs in Belgium website
Don’t mind my comments,
read these books and compare with what you find in the
Guru Granth Sahib

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