The Hindu – People sitting on huge black money only feel the pain of demonetisation: Amit Shah

Satyasundar Barik

Bhubaneswar, 25 November 2016. A day after former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh termed the demonetisation move a “monumental management failure”, BJP president Amit Shah hit back with a jibe, saying people sitting on huge black money only feel the pain of it.

“Manmohanji was making a statement in the Rajya Sabha. He felt a lot of pain because of demonetisation decision. Nobody keeps cash of Rs. 10 crore or Rs. 20 crore in the house. So a common man will not lose anything due to demonetisation. But people who stand to lose huge black money can feel the pain,” Mr. Shah said at a party rally here on Friday.

“Till November 7, the whole Opposition was asking Modiji what steps you have taken to tackle black money. Since the evening of November 8, they were asking why you took this step. I want to ask them what you have lost,” he said. “The glow on the face of Opposition parties has faded,” said Mr. Shah.

“The situation is like a high flood in the Mahanadi. There is water everywhere. And one old tree is still not uprooted. To take shelter, a cat, mouse, snake and common mongoose climb on the tree. But, the mouse is not afraid of the cat and the common mongoose does not attack the snake. Everybody is waiting for the water to recede for climbing down the tree,” he said.

“Following the demonetisation flood, the Congress, TMC, Samajwadi Party, AAP and Mayawati have gathered in one platform. They are waiting for the overwhelming support for demonetisation move to diminish,” he said.

“In one strike, Modiji has taken steps to eliminate black money for the welfare of the poor. The people are with the Prime Minister,”he asserted.

“Prime Minister Modi has been working for the development of the country. When he came to power in 2014, the country was stuck in recession and whole world believed that India’s growth story had ended. Now, the world reckons that the 21st century belongs to India. Under the stewardship of Mr. Modi, our country has become the fastest growing economy in the world,” he said.

Taking a potshot at Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, Mr. Shah said, “He was questioning the steps being taken to defend the country’s boundary. When the UPA was ruling under the leadership of Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi, regular attacks were taking place along the border, but enemies were not getting the retaliation.

After the Modi government took charge, if bullets were fired from Pakistan’s soil, the same was being responded with mortar. For this, soldiers need not require permission every time they want to strike back.”

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