The News – India treading a dangerous path: Aizaz

Islamabad, 28 November 2016. Foreign Secretary Aizaz Chaudhry on Sunday warned that India was treading a dangerous path with its belligerent attitude, thereby, harming itself.

He said the leadership of Pakistan had very sagaciously reminded it of such dangerous tendencies.Speaking in a TV programme, he reiterated that on the diplomatic front, Islamabad could not be isolated as it enjoyed stronger ties with the world capitals.

To a query, he replied Pakistan was not oblivious to its defence as it was fully impregnable. It could not be intimidated with volleys of bragging talks. Both Pakistan and India required to talk to each other directly to resolve their issues, he added.

About the Heart of Asia Conference being held in India, he said Pakistan, being an outgoing chair, considered the conference an important move for durable peace in Afghanistan. A stable and peaceful Afghanistan was in the interest of Pakistan.

He maintained that Pakistan would attend the Heart of Asia Conference in India. The whole world appreciated Pakistan for the way it tackled the situation created by India, he added.


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