The Tribune – Harminder Singh Mintoo was in touch with seven ISI agents

If all this plotting and scheming goes on, how come there are no Khalistani terror attacks ?

Prateek Chauhan, Tribune News Service

New Delhi, 30 November 2016. Harminder Singh Mintoo, chief of Khalistan Liberation Front (KLF) who escaped along with five prisoners from Nabha jail, was in contact with seven ISI agents. This has been revealed from his diary.

Out of seven ISI agents, he had been speaking regularly with two ISI agents, Harpreet alias Happy and Devender alias Bajwa, for the past few days.

A Special Cell senior official connected with the investigation said that the contacts and their addresses in Mintoo’s diary include the names of the seven agents.

A Special Cell team is now investigating whether these two names are real or fake and a Delhi Police team has been sent to Punjab.

During investigation, it came to light that Mintoo informed his ISI and KLF contacts when he got involved in the plan to run away from the jail with five other prisoners.

Thereafter, on behalf of the ISI, he was given assurance of funding and necessary requirements.

Mintoo was in touch with the complete network from jail itself. The ISI had also given him instructions to resurrect KLF in Punjab. The Special Cell team came to know this after Mintoo’s interrogation and after checking the phone numbers and names written in the diary.

After his escape, Mintoo used his mobile phone in Delhi and called somebody in Subhash Nagar, West Delhi. His call details record (CDR) is under investigation.

Investigators are trying to find out from where Mintoo got money and phone inside the jail. In a joint operation with the Punjab Police in search of suspects, raids are being conducted in different places in Punjab.


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