– Sarbat Khalsa 2016: Bhai Mohkam Singh questions resolutions; Gurdeep Singh Bathinda released

Sikh24 Editors

Bathinda, Panjab, 11 December 2016. Following the gathering at Sarbat Khalsa 2016, Bhai Mohkam Singh has questioned the resolutions passed at the event. “No one but the Jathedars can pass resolutions at Sarbat Khalsa. How can we accept resolutions announced by someone random?

Person announcing Gurmatte (resolutions) must have been elected by the Panth or have some accomplishments,” Bhai Mohkam Singh said while indirectly referring to Bhai Jaskaran Singh KahanSingh wala.

A number of Sikh leaders, including Bhai Mohkam Singh, S. Simranjit Singh Mann, Bhai Gurdeep Singh Bathinda and others were unable to attend the gathering. In their absence, Bhai Jaskaran Singh announced two gurmatte –

Excommunication of Parkash and Sukhbir Badal in relation to Guru Granth Sahib beadbi cases
Continuation of efforts to seek formation of Khalistan through democratic measures

“These gurmatte were not approved by Singh Sahibs at the meetings before Sarbat Khalsa. Someone random cannot make decisions on behalf of the Panth,” Bhai Mohkam Singh said during a radio interview with Bibi Manjit Kaur on Radio Voice of Khalsa.

Meanwhile, the Punjab Government has started releasing Sikh leaders. General Secretary of United Akali Dal Bhai Gurdeep Singh Bathinda was released from Bathinda’s Central Jail on December 10 following the discharge of case by the District Administration.

Notably, S Bathinda was arrested by the Police following the initiation of Sri Akhand Path Sahib at the venue of Sarbat Khalsa 2016 in Talwandi Sabo.

Note: In the misl period a gurmatta was adopted by the Sarbat Khalsa and then proclaimed from Akal Takht by the Jathedar of the Budha Dal. Man in Blue


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