– SGPC to Restore lost items of ‘Sikh Reference Library’ missing since 1984 Indian Army attack

Sikh24 Editors

Amritsar Sahib, Panjab, 17 December 2016. Speaking at a meeting with the Dharam Parchar Committee and Sikh History Research Board at Fatehgarh Sahib, SGPC President Professor Kirpal Singh Badungar said that they would begin efforts to restore the scriptures of ‘Sikh Reference Library’, burnt and ransacked by the Indian army during the June 1984 armed incursion into the sanctum sanctorum, Sri Harmandr Sahib.

He said that an appeal would be made to worldwide Sikh masses to share any type of traditional rare Sikh scriptures and other artefacts they own.

Taking strong notice of distortion being made to Sikh history during recent times, Prof. Badungar said that the SGPC was committed to motivate research work on Sikh history and to modernise the ‘Sikh Reference Library’.

Traditional Sikh scriptures were burnt and looted by the Indian army during Operation Bluestar. Eyewitnesses had exposed the looting of Holy Sikh Scriptures by the Indian army during the attack.

The SGPC had made several efforts in the past to get back the removed Sikh scriptures from the government but none of their efforts bore fruit. Recently in a visit to Sri Harmandir Sahib, a senior Indian army officer denied possession of any kind of Sikh scriptures.


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