– Met Disciplines Sikh detective for whistle-blowing lack of justice for honour crimes

London, UK, 14 January 2017. Detective Sergeant Palbinder Singh has contacted UK national paper, The Daily Telegraph, to reveal inside information regarding the Crown Prosecution Service shying away from fully pursuing convictions in honour crimes cases, due to a fear of upsetting the wider Asian community.

DS Pal Singh is now being accused of gross misconduct by seniors at the Metropolitan Police for taking his complaint outside of the force.

DS Singh is now appealing for protection under whistle-blower laws due to his employer’s reaction against his going public.

With an exemplary career record with high appraisals as recent as May of 2016, DS Singh felt his complaints to the CPS weren’t adequately dealt with and he felt crimes were being hushed due to higher focus on political correctness, rather than fair investigation for victims of such serious crimes.

Singh has been instrumental in heading domestic violence cases during his years at Scotland Yard, with cases of honor killing both in the UK and abroad receiving particular focus.

“Police in the West tend to consider such crime based on their own, Christian, Western values. In addition, this topic is very sensitive to accusations of racism, so it is often treated with political correctness. All this makes a lot of crime goes under the radar, it will never be discovered”, said Singh to VG news, a Norwegian publication.

Pal Singh has had to challenge the Met Police for unfairly pursing an unsubstantiated complaint against him from an arrested drunkard, due to which Singh noticed an alarming pattern of disciplinary procedures against minority officers, when compared to those of white officers.

Met senior officer issued Singh with a formal warning but he refused to accept it.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Singh said, ”Forced marriage is a violation of human rights, which invariably leads to marital rape and years of domestic abuse and modern slavery, with sometimes fatal consequences. If this is not a policing priority then I am content at being dismissed.”


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