– India scapegoats Sikhs again by suggesting attacks during Punjab elections

Sikh24 Editors

New Delhi, 20 January 2017. The intelligence services of India appear to be attempting to drag the reputation of it’s Sikhs through the mud again by accusing them of being potentials in perceived attacks during the upcoming Punjab elections.

Listing Kashmir fighters and unnamed Sikh organizations in a threat report, law enforcement agencies have been told to step up patrols at all events in anticipation of an attack.

Despite the fact that Sikh freedom fighters have not instigated any such attacks for nearly two decades, the authorities still enjoy using the turbulent period of state persecution of the 80s and 90s to fire up fear and resentment.

The only reference for the report appears to be suspicion that Sikh organizations have not been happy with the Chief Ministers of Punjab, the Badal father and son. Citing no reference to evidence based information, the Indian media has been headlining the unfounded accusations nationwide.


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