– Wake up: “Punjab’s leaders are fake Sikhs wearing pags and beards”

Sikh24 Editors

Chandigarh, 21 January 2017. The state of India has fine-tuned Sikh infiltration to an art. It’s so easy. Grow a beard, wear a turban, learn the lingo. Get paid gigantual figures for dedicating your life to the state… to infiltrate and dissolve this community from within.

Parkash Badal and cohorts, countless other politicians and religious institutions who wear the garb but not only lack the qualities of a humble yet, astute, Guru Nanak’s Sikh but, go as far as displaying every nasty and downright evil and greedy trait under the Sun.

This is our leadership at the moment.

Bhai Amrik Singh Chandigarh vale gives a short no-holds-barred reality check on Badal and his anti-Sikh contributions.

He comments on the shoe that smacked Badal’s face… “They wear Guru Sahib’s daari (beard), they wear Guru’s pag (turban), wear kirpan, act religious, but hoist up people like the Sirsa Sadh in front of us.

The show that hit Badal… didn’t hit Guru’s dastar (turban), nor Guru Sahib’s daari but, instead struck straight onto his eye… Guru Sahib struck his eye to ask why his eye is not witness the multiple sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib, the youth dying from drugs, corruption, murders, rape, police excesses.

You filthy sinner (to badal), you wore the garb of the Sikh but you lived for those who wish to finish off the Sikhs”.

Such hard hitting words from a parcharak who has been banned by the SGPC for speaking harsh truths.

To see Giani Amrik Singh’s video click on the link below:


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