– Dal Khalsa questions SGPC panel for Sacha Sauda probe: Junior Akalis cannot take action against their Seniors

Dal Khalsa

Amritsar Sahib, Panjab, 8 February 2017. Dal Khalsa leader H S Dhami took a dig at SGPC president Kirpal Singh Badungar for trying to mislead the Sikh sangat by instructing third rung Akalis to probe against their own top leaders. He said the decision of Prof Bhadungar is tantamount to “an ASI probing against ADGP”.

“What is there to probe? Everything is in black and white,” said Dhami terming the proposed probe as eyewash. He further said Dera Sirsa has declared its support in the presence of Akali leaders and in lieu of that Akalis promised to felicitate Dera’s programmes in Punjab clearly violating the Akal Takht Hukamnama of May 17 and 20, 2007.

Accusing the Akali leadership for taking the community for a ride, party’s former president observes that the SGPC has constituted a committee comprising three of its office bearers to probe Dera Sirsa’s support to Akali Dal only to save the latter from the embarrassment and further damage in the ensuing DSGMC polls slated for 26 February.

Notably, both the SGPC and DSGMC are controlled by Akali Dal in general and Badal family in particular.

He questioned the validity, authenticity and relevance of the probe carried out by junior members against their own party’s senior members. He said all three probe committee members were handpicked by Badals to run SGPC affairs. Only a naive can believe that they would dare to go against their own party leadership’.

After looting, cheating and misleading the Sikhs of Punjab for long, the Akali Dal led by Badals is all set to deceive the Sikhs of Delhi with an aim to strengthen its hold on DSGMC through its protégé Manjit Singh GK and Manjinder Singh Sirsa.

It is in this context that GK was making noises against Akalis who went to seek support from Sirsa cult.

He said the Sikh Sangat has vented their ire against Badals and their coterie for hobnobbing with anti-Gurmat elements and given their verdict in the recently held elections. He termed the role of incumbent Takht jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh in the present crisis, as highly deplorable and disgusting.


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