The Tribune – Seechewal model to be replicated in Bihar

Aparna Banerji, Tribune News Service

Sultanpur Lodhi, 19 February 2017. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar said today that the Seechewal model to use sewage water for irrigation would be replicated across villages in his state.

He said environmentalist Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal’s efforts to restore the flow of the once-choked Kali Bein would also be emulated in the case of the Ganga in Bihar.

Visiting Sultanpur Lodhi with a team of irrigation experts from his state, Nitish said the Centre’s “swachhta” push alone wouldn’t be enough to ensure silt-free flow of the Ganga.

“Silt deposits in the Ganga are a major cause of concern, especially after the construction of a barrage recently,” he added. Nitish is the fourth CM to bat for the Seechewal model.

He has invited the environmentalist for an international conference to be held in Bihar on February 26. Experts will dwell upon the restoration of the Ganga’s flow and water conservation.


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