– Jathedar Jagtar Singh Hawara directs Sikh community to support Gurmehar Kaur

Sikh24 Editors

New Delhi- India, 2 March 2017. Akal Takht Jathedar (appointed by Sarbat Khalsa 2015) Jagtar Singh Hawara has directed the Sikh community to come forward in support and defense of Gurmehar Kaur.

It is notable here that Gurmehar Kaur, who is a daughter of martyred Captain Mandeep Singh, is on target of pro-Hindutva student body ABVP (Akhil Bharti Vidyarthi Parishad).

In a message conveyed through his legal counsel Advocate Amar Singh Chahal, Jathedar Jagtar Singh Hawara has also appealed all the Sikh and Human Rights bodies to take initiative to put control over rising hooliganism of saffron ABVP.

Lauding Gurmehar Kaur for daring to speak against the ABVP’s hooliganism, Jathedar Hawara said that the BJP (patron party of ABVP) projects itself as plaintiff of communal harmony.

He added that the BJP always uses cheap communal tactics like ‘religious intolerance’ to polarize vote bank during elections but it is has become a threat for communal harmony in India. Bhai Hawara also said that the minorities – Sikhs, Muslims and Christians have always remained prime targets of the BJP.

Lashing out at ABVP for issuing rape and death threats to Gurmehar Kaur, Jathedar Jagtar Singh Hawara has said that the ABVP has portrayed its mentality by stooping to a low extent.

Jathedar Hawara further said that it was very shameful that the Indian government was not taking any action against the ABVP goons despite of the fact that Gurmehar Kaur retains written threats sent to her by ABVP goons as evidence.

He further said that Gurmehar Kaur did nothing wrong by speaking up against ABVP goons as it’s the basic moral right of every person to speech and express his/her views.

Agreeing with Gurmehar Kaur’s statement that it was not Pakistan who killed his father Captain Mandeep Singh, instead it was war that killed him; Jathedar Hawara said that common citizens of two warring countries have nothing to do with war.

It may be recalled here that Gurmehar Kaur had condemned the ABVP’s act of creating violence at Delhi University to suppress freedom of speech and expression of students. Later, she had become target of ABVP and she was dubbed as an anti-national girl by the ABVP for her views about his dad’s martyrdom in war of Kargil.

Gurmehar’s father Captain Mandeep Singh had laid down his life while defending the Indian border during Indo-Pak war of 1999.

Meanwhile, Sikh leaders along with Jathedara Hawara have extended their support to Gurmehar Kaur. Speaking with Sikh24, SGPC President Professor Kirpal Singh Badungar appreciated efforts by Gurmehar Kaur. “She has demonstrated the courageous will of the Sikh community and we will stand by her in every way,” Prof. Badungar said.

He referred to Gurmehar Kaur as “daughter of Sikh community”.

Respected Sikh activist Narinder Singh Singh Khusropur also spoke with Sikh24 and said, “the Sikh community is ready to make any sacrifice to ensure safety of Gurmehar Kaur. We will stand by Jathadar Hawara’s edict in support and defense of Gurmehar Kaur.”

Lashing out at the RSS backed pro-Hindutva student outfit ABVP, S. Narinder Singh Singh Khusropur said that the ABVP has depicted true colours of its mentality by issuing rape threats to Gurmehar Kaur.


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