– Bomb Attack on Gurdwara: Three Teenagers Sentenced in Germany

Sikh24 Editors

Essen-Germany (BRD), 22 March 2017. A German Court of Essen has sentenced three German born minors for upto seven years at a juvenile detention center for carrying out a bomb blast in the Gurdwara Sahib of Essen.

The bomb blast carried out by these minors on 16 April 2016 had left the Granthi (Priest)* injured with serious burns, along with two others suffering injuries from shards of glass.

The court charged two of the group with attempted murder, while the third minor was held guilty of being a part of a criminal conspiracy as he was not present in carrying out the bomb blast. The judge ruled that the teens should serve sentences of seven years, six years & nine months, with six years in a juvenile detention center.

The culprits Yusuf, Mohammad and Tolga (last names omitted) were aged 16 years when they had detonated a homemade explosive device outside the temple [Gurdwara]. The bomb which was crafted from a fire extinguisher packed with explosive chemicals had destroyed the entrance to the temple.

The prosecutors said that the three offenders carried out the bomb attack because they mistook Sikhs as ‘non-believers of God’. They also targeted the Gurdwara Sahib over an alleged mistreatment of Muslims by Sikhs in northern India. The prosecutors further said that the teens were radicalised via social media in 2015.

Situated in western part of North Rhine-Westphalia state of Germany, the Essen town has around 200 Sikhs living in it.

*A granthi is not a priest, he is more like a protestant minister.


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