– The ‘Sikh Helpline’ Resolves Kirpan Ban Issue At UK School

Sikh24 Editors

Birmingham-West Midlands-UK, 24 March 2017. A school in the Midlands area of the UK had taken steps to refuse a Sikh child from wearing a kirpan. Due to the successful intervention of the CEO of the Sikh Helpline, a UK based charity that offers advice and counselling for a variety of social issues, the school reversed it’s decision.

The school in the central city of Birmingham, were offered a consultation with Giani Sukha Singh, the founder and CEO of the Sikh Helpline, who helped explain the significance of the kirpan for Sikhs.

The organisation also provided legal references to help the school understand the acceptance of the wearing of the kirpan by Sikhs in institutions in the UK, according to UK law.

The Sikh Helpline established contact with school after being contacted by the Sikh girl on their helpline.

The charity has been operating in the UK for over 20 years and the range of assistance offered by the Sikh charity is wide covering the following societal issues:

– Domestic abuse (sexual, physical or emotional)

– Child abuse (sexual, physical or emotional)

– Bullying

– Kakaar issues at school

– Relationship issues

– Substance abuse (including drugs and alcohol)

– Depression and mental health issues.

Due to confidentiality, and in order to maintain a positive working relationship after a successful consultation, the school name has not been revealed by the charity, but the parents of the child have been immensely thankful to the organization.


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