The Times of India – Targeted killers active in Punjab: Security agencies

Chandigarh, 4 April 2017. The assassinations of top leaders of Hindu groups in Punjab seems to be one of the biggest worries for central agencies and the new Congress government at the moment.

This can be gauged from the fact that three alerts were issued by the Union home ministry and Punjab’s own intelligence wing in March, barely two days after Captain Amarinder Singh was sworn in as chief minister of the state.

The most recent alert, dated March 31, says, “A group of targeted killers is active in border range and is likely to target BJP/Hindu Shiv Sena leaders, RSS shakhas and some other VIPs in the near future.”

The alert makes sharp observations in the killings of: Hindu leader Durga Das on April 23, 2016; Rashtriya Swayam Sewak vice-president V P Gagneja in Jalandhar on August 6, 2016; Hindu sect leader Amit Sharma on January 4, 2017; and one Satpal Sharma and his son in Khanna on February 2, 2017.

“All such incidents have taken place on a Saturday approximately between 6pm to 9pm,” it observes.

The alert further points out that the investigations in the four assassinations of 2016 revealed that stolen and snatched vehicles were used to carry out these acts of crimes, with two assailants in each case.


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