– BJP led Municipal Council demolishes Gurdwara in Indore; Police Takes Away Cash, Artifacts and Religious Books

Indore-Madhya Pradesh-India, 24 April 2017. The BJP led Municipal Corporation of Indore forcibly demolished a Gurdwara Sahib named ‘Kartar Kirtan Sahib’ in Indore on April 22. More than 400 Police cops manhandled the Sikh devotees to force them out of the Gurdwara building before demolishing it with the help of bulldozers.

Speaking with Sikh24, a local Sikh devotee Gurpreet Singh informed that on April 22, the police personnel forcibly started mobilizing the Holy Scripture of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji installed in Gurdwara Sahib.

He added that the Sikh sangat who opposed to this move, including women, were manhandled in a brutal way by the Police. In the process, an octogenarian Sikh woman was also seriously injured.

He informed that the Police completely demolished the building of Gurdwara Sahib and took away the 300 years old swords, two silver flower pots, cash of Golak (around Rs. 80,000) and locker (around Rs. 300,000). He added that the Police also took away more than 40,000 books of Gurdwara library.

Sources have informed us that the President of Gurdwara Management Committee Manjit Singh Bhatia was affiliated to BJP and he might be involved in the demolition of Gurdwara Sahib as he was in attempt to get ticket from saffron party for 2018 polls.

Meanwhile, the SGPC President Professor Kirpal Singh Badungar has strongly condemned the act of Indore Municipal Corporation. He has said that the Municipal Corporation should have provided an alternate place to rebuild the building of Gurdwara Sahib.

Professor Kirpal Singh Badungar has written a letter to the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chauhan to ensure sentiments of Sikh masses are not hurt.

He also asked the municipal council to provide an alternate place to rebuild the Gurdwara Sahib. He has said that the India was a secular country and sentiments of people belonging to different religions should be respected.


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