DNA India – ‘Sikhs for Justice’ is furthering Pakistan’s agenda: BJP

Taking note of the ‘referendum 2020’ hoardings, allegedly put up by an organisation called the Sikhs for Justice in various parts of Punjab, the BJP today said the state government should remove them immediately.

“It is a sinister attempt to disturb the peace and harmony of Punjab by anti-national forces,” said BJP state vice-presidents Harjit Singh Grewal and Iqbal Singh Lalpura and state secretaries Vineet Joshi and Vijay Puri here at a press conference.

The government should not only remove the hoardings, but also take action against those who designed them, printed them, put them up and allowed to them to be put up on their buildings, they added.

Pakistan, which was harbouring terrorists, criminals and smugglers wanted by the Indian law agencies, was constantly working to disintegrate India by funding and supporting organisations and individuals to create an unrest in the border states such as Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab and Sikhs for Justice was one of those organisations, the BJP leaders claimed.

The outfit’s “anti-India” campaign in the US, Canada or the hoardings erected by them across Punjab seemed to be a part of the Pakistan’s ISI’s plan to trigger unrest in India, they added.

The BJP leaders alleged that while Chief Minister Amarinder Singh was being vocal against the Khalistani elements and organisations such as Sikhs for Justice, his government had “turned a blind eye” towards the hoardings.

“We cannot allow such anti-national organisations to further Pakistan’s agenda from the Indian soil. If you cannot act, we will remove all the hoardings,” said the BJP leaders.



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