India Today – Pro-Khalistan group dares BJP workers to remove Azadi Hi Hal posters

Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) has put out a statement as a direct threat to Bhartiya Janata Party if they try to remove such hoardings or pose any hindrance in their movement.

Manjeet Sehgal

Chandigarh, 3 July 2017. A day after India Today reported that pro-Khalistan groups are putting up banners in parts of Punjab calling for referendum on independence from Indian State by 2020, Sikhs For Justice has threatened BJP.

SFJ has put out a statement as a direct threat to Bhartiya Janata Party if they try to remove such hoardings or pose any hindrance in their movement.

“BJP will face serious consequences if they remove the Referendum 2020 hoardings,” SFJ spokesperson Gurpatwant Singh Pannun said in a statement .

The banners carry a life-size portrait of slain Khalistan militant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale with the Golden Temple complex in the backdrop. These posters have been put in towns, Dhanaula in Barnala, Rajpura, Fatehgarh Sahab and Banur near Roopnagar among others.

Some private buildings were also spotted with posters carrying messages like, Azadi hi hal (Independence is the only solution) on Saturday night.

Pulling up the Amarinder Singh government for inaction, the BJP workers had vowed to take these posters down themselves on Sunday.

We are not scared of them

Reacting to the threat given by the pro-Khalistan SFJ, BJP secretary Vineet Joshi said that the party is not afraid of the separatists who do not even have supporters in Punjab.

“Sikhs For Justice is funded by Pakistan and has no office in Punjab. This blacklisted group is speaking the language of Pakistan and by putting referendum hoardings is trying to disrupt peace. We are ready for any sacrifice and will not let any divisive forces to launch anti-India propaganda,” Vineet Joshi added.

As locals feigned ignorance over the posters coming up in their vicinity, even Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) distanced itself from the controversy. “We do not believe in politics of religion and do not support the idea of Khalistan. We are against such people who try to divide Punjab, which has seen black days and will never forget them,” Bhagwant Mann said.

Punjab Finance Minister Manpreet Badal said, “There are some fringe Khalistan groups who are indulging in acts like this for cheap publicity. They should keep in mind that they cannot fool the people of Punjab who know the value of peace and paid heavy price to regain it. Law will prevail and we are taking necessary steps to deal with such elements.”


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