The Hindu – Denied Indian visa, Pakistani cancer patient seeks Sushma’s help

Faiza Tanveer (25), who is suffering from an agressive oral tumour, wishes to be treated in India.

Islamabad, 9 July 2017. A woman suffering from cancer in Pakistan has urged External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj to help her visit India for treatment after her visa application was reportedly rejected by the Indian embassy here.

Faiza Tanveer (25) is suffering from a recurrent ameloblastoma, an oral tumour which is aggressive in nature.

‘She paid Rs 10 lakh advance

Ms Tanveer planned to visit the Inderprastha Dental College and Hospital (IDCH) in Ghaziabad and paid Rs 10 lakh in advance for treatment, according to a Pakistani media report.

But the Indian High Commission in Islamabad rejected her medical visa application, the report said.

Ms. Tanveer’s mother claimed that her application was rejected because of deteriorating ties between the two countries. That forced Ms Tanveer to take to social media to move Indian authorities.

Moving tweets to Sushma

Ms Tanveer in several tweets over the past couple of days has urged Ms. Swaraj to intervene. She has also posted her photo and a video that showed her tumour.

In one of the tweets, she said, “Please help me save my life mam plz (sic),” and tagged Ms. Swaraj in the tweet. In another tweet, Mr Tanveer said, “Sushma g please help me (sic).”

Last month, an ailing child from Pakistan and his parents were issued visa for an emergency heart treatment after the family sought Ms Swaraj’s help.


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