The News – Ishaq Dar strongly rebuts allegations against him: Spokesman

Islamabad, 9 July 2017. Finance Minister Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar vehemently rejects and strongly rebuts all the allegations publicized by a section of media against him over the past few days, a spokesman said here Sunday.

The spokesman for Senator Ishaq Dar, in a statement here, said the following allegations made by the media were false, malicious, obnoxious and mala fide allegations against the Finance Minister.

1) That during the appearance before the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) for the Panama case, Senator Ishaq Dar told the JIT that not only is he willing to act as witness in the case against the prime minister’s family, he is even willing to give any required statement against the prime minister’s family;

2) That Senator Ishaq Dar is seeking citizenship of the United States of America for himself and his family;

3) That Senator Ishaq Dar has secretly married a member of the National Assembly; and

4) That motor vehicle tax (token tax) of Mercedes Benz car, registration No.MV-109, registered in the name of Senator Ishaq Dar, has never been paid since it was purchased in 2008.

The spokesman said all the above-mentioned claims were utter rubbish and malicious disinformation, intended to cause harm and damage to the Senator’s personal and professional reputation.

He also questioned how any media person can claim to be aware of the discussions held during the proceedings of the JIT, including the statements made by persons summoned by the JIT.

The spokesman confirmed that Senator Dar had made payments of the motor vehicle tax in each year since 2008 for his said vehicle till June 30, 2018. He said appropriate actions were are being taken against the responsible persons/parties, with respect to all of the aforementioned allegations.

The spokesman further highlighted that all the false and baseless allegations against Senator Dar had only been made and publicized by a section of the media over the past few days, following the press talk given by Senator Dar on Monday July 03,2017 outside the Federal Judicial Academy, in which he revealed certain facts regarding Imran Khan, who had been unable to clarify any of the those till date.


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