The News – JIT ‘exceeded mandate’: Sharif family challenges report in SC

Islamabad, 17 July 2017. Sharif family on Monday challenged the final report of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) terming it biased and going beyond mandate and pleaded the Supreme Court to annul it.

The sources privy to the development said the ruling family has raised various objections over the JIT report for its findings without using testified documents and the sources.

The petition also alleges ‘biased’ attitude of the JIT members towards Sharif family.

The six-member JIT constituted by the apex court under April 20th verdict submitted its report on July 10 after probing the financial dealings of the Sharifs for 60 days. The report accused the family of being untruthful and having assets beyond means.

The 10th volume, dealing with the Mutual Legal Assistance correspondence, has been kept under wraps as replies are still awaited from some foreign countries to the letters written by the JIT.

The four-member legal team lead by Khwaja Haris was also expected to seek time to study the voluminous report and file a reply on it as the lawyers were not in a position to respond to each and every allegation penned down in the findings because of their expansive nature.

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar’s counsel has also challenged the JIT conclusions.

The Sharif family is also said to be exploring different options including submission of an application to Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar to form a new bench instead of the present one.

If it did so, the top judge will be required to take a decision on this plea as required by the law. It is the prerogative and exclusive authority of the chief justice to form benches.

The present three-member bench, headed by Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan, may also choose to refer the matter to the chief justice for establishment of a larger bench or sending the case to another panel, according to constitutional brains.


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