The News – No compromise on Kashmir: Khawaja Asif

Sialkot-Panjab-Pakistan, 6 August 2017. Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif on Sunday mentioned the unending Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir and said Pakistan would never compromise on the Kashmir issue.

He said India had continuously been committing ceasefire violations along the Line of Control (LoC) and the Working Boundary. Durable peace between Pakistan and India was dependent upon resolving the Kashmir issue, he stressed.

Khawaja Asif, talking to the newsmen at a local office of the PML-N on the Paris Road, said Pakistan always had wished normal and friendly relations with all the neighbours, including India, but quite ironically New Delhi had never positively responded to the efforts made for the purpose.

He added that India was also involved in causing disturbances at the western border of Pakistan.The newly-appointed foreign minister said peaceful and friendly relations with Afghanistan had always been one of the top priorities of Pakistan but were not possible without an equally positive response from Afghanistan.

He said Pakistan had been fighting terrorism for the last many years and it was quite illogical to blame the country for having safe havens of terrorists.

There had been a marked decrease in terrorism incidents in the country, Khawaja Asif noted.The foreign minister opined that the Indus Waters Treaty was heading towards failure due to India’s hegemonic attitude and repeated violations of the accord.


Sikh – Following Naga Accord, Sikh Outfits also demand autonomy from Indian Government

Rajeef Khanna

Chandigarh-Panjab-India, 5 August 2017. The Narendra Modi led NDA government at the Centre may have a new problem on its hands very soon, this time from Punjab. Several Sikh outfits have demanded that the Centre should enter into an agreement with the Sikhs of Punjab on the lines of the Naga formative agreement.

The movement to demand autonomy is being led by Dr Bhagwan Singh, former president of the All India Sikh Student Federation and a senior functionary of the United Akali Dal (UAD).

Speaking with Sikh24, Dr Bhagwan Singh drew several parallels with the militant groups that have been active in the North East, particularly in Nagaland. He said that the demands and problems are similar and the quest for autonomy also dates back to pre-Independence.

“Over the years I have been in touch with the leadership of the organisations in the North East. From whatever details that have come out in context of the Naga formative agreement signed by the centre with NSCN (IM), it can be construed that the Naga dominated areas in other states will be joined with Nagaland, sovereignty will be shared and the defence will be common between the Naga and the Indian government,” he told Sikh24.

“These are exactly the issues that make the crux of the Anandpur Sahib resolution of 1973 for whose implementation the Sikhs have been waging a struggle for the last so many years,” said Dr Bhagwan Singh.

Another important aspect of the Anandpur Sahib Protection relates to the rights of all religious minorities, an issue that has assumed significance with the rise in violence against minorities in the past three years.

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Den Haag: Bierkade – Wagenstraat

13 Juli 2017


Bierkade – Avenue Culinaire

13 Juli 2017

Wagenstraat – Chinese Quarter

Mikva – Jewish Bathhouse

Former Synagogue, now Masjid (Moskee, Mosque)

Former Synagogue, now Masjid (Moskee, Mosque)

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Harjinder Singh
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23ABC News – Sikh Riders of America donating and preparing meals at Bakersfield Homeless Shelter

Bakersfield-California-USA, 6 August 2017. On Sunday the Sikh community of Bakersfield will be commemorating the five-year anniversary of a mass shooting that took place at a Sikh place of worship in Wisconsin.

Sikh leaders will donate and prepare meals at the Bakersfield Homeless Shelter, all day, to honor the lives taken.

Leading this event is a local motorcycle-oriented nonprofit called the Sikh Riders of America. This organization was founded after the shooting occurred in 2012.

Bakersfield will join over 20 cities across the country in honoring the lives impacted by the shooting.

Dawn – Nawaz is attempting to undermine Supreme Court by travelling to Lahore in a cavalcade on GT Road: Imran Khan

Islamabad, 6 August 2017. “Nawaz Sharif’s plan to travel to Lahore in a cavalcade on GT Road is a deliberate attempt to continue undermining the Supreme Court of Pakistan by calling into question its decision on the Panama case,” said Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan in a statement shared on Twitter on Sunday.

The earlier plan of Nawaz returning to Lahore on Sunday through the motorway was put off until Wednesday. Punjab Information Minister Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman had said that the decision to change the programme had been taken on “public pressure”, adding that the journey to Lahore [on GT Road] would be completed at least in two days.

Without going into specific details, Khan also alleged that Sharif, through the GT Road journey, was attempting to pressurise the National Accountability Bureau which is looking into cases against the Sharif family.

Khan, whose party is known to organise frequent rallies and dharnas, said, “It is ironic that when PTI was peacefully protesting to seek justice for rigging and later against the corruption unveiled in the Panama Papers, the Sharif government was accusing it of derailing the system and now, Sharif and his cohorts are protesting to actually bring down the democratic system by refusing to accept the SC verdict.”

The PTI chief also accused the recently ousted Nawaz Sharif of using state resources even though he doesn’t hold any office.

“He is continuing to use state resources, from funds to government machinery including Punjab police and local governments, to destroy the judiciary and thereby the democratic system which is moving towards accountability of the powerful for the first time.”

A grand homecoming

PML-N is banking on its workers for making the return of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif to his hometown a ‘historic’ occasion to get the much-needed political mileage in the face of the challenges its government is facing.

The PML-N workers from across Punjab are being mobilised by the local leadership to reach Lahore and other points to welcome their leader who was disqualified by the Supreme Court in the Panama Papers case on July 28.

Most city roads have been decorated with welcome banners that read: “A leader does not need any post… as he lives in hearts.” The banners are from the local leaders and ministers as well.

“Although there are security issues in travelling on the GT Road, but Nawaz is a brave leader,” Rehman had said.

Earlier, PTI alleged that state machinery was being used in a bid to make Nawaz’s return to Lahore a ‘historic’ event.

“The Punjab government is using all its resources to make the show (Nawaz’s return to Lahore) a success,” PTI leader Abdul Aleem Khan said, questioning why National Assembly Speaker Ayaz Sadiq was overseeing the arrangements regarding Nawaz’s return to Lahore.