Sikh – Following Naga Accord, Sikh Outfits also demand autonomy from Indian Government

Rajeef Khanna

Chandigarh-Panjab-India, 5 August 2017. The Narendra Modi led NDA government at the Centre may have a new problem on its hands very soon, this time from Punjab. Several Sikh outfits have demanded that the Centre should enter into an agreement with the Sikhs of Punjab on the lines of the Naga formative agreement.

The movement to demand autonomy is being led by Dr Bhagwan Singh, former president of the All India Sikh Student Federation and a senior functionary of the United Akali Dal (UAD).

Speaking with Sikh24, Dr Bhagwan Singh drew several parallels with the militant groups that have been active in the North East, particularly in Nagaland. He said that the demands and problems are similar and the quest for autonomy also dates back to pre-Independence.

“Over the years I have been in touch with the leadership of the organisations in the North East. From whatever details that have come out in context of the Naga formative agreement signed by the centre with NSCN (IM), it can be construed that the Naga dominated areas in other states will be joined with Nagaland, sovereignty will be shared and the defence will be common between the Naga and the Indian government,” he told Sikh24.

“These are exactly the issues that make the crux of the Anandpur Sahib resolution of 1973 for whose implementation the Sikhs have been waging a struggle for the last so many years,” said Dr Bhagwan Singh.

Another important aspect of the Anandpur Sahib Protection relates to the rights of all religious minorities, an issue that has assumed significance with the rise in violence against minorities in the past three years.

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