– No place to worship for Hindus, Sikhs in Islamabad

Capital Development Authority (CDA) spokesman denies any religious discrimination

Raja Faisal

Islamabad, 9 August 2017. Pakistan’s capital city still awaits the temples of Hindu and Sikh community; however, the efforts are being made for acquiring land for Hindu temple by Hindu representatives in National Assembly.

Capital Development Authority (CDA) officials informed Pakistan Today that Sikh community leaders have not even applied for a Sikh temple in Islamabad.

Capital city symbolizes the unity of a nation. It is supposed to represent all the cultures and religions of a country. Capital cities of the modern world are equipped to accommodate people of diversities.

Islamabad is inhabited by approximately 2,000 Hindus and 500 Sikhs. Both the communities worship as well as celebrate their occasions of Holi, Diwali and Baisakhi in each other’s houses. The communities do not have their places of worship in Islamabad.

Hindus are 2 per cent of the population of Pakistan who mainly reside in Sindh, whereas the Sikhs are approximately 20,000 in the number who mainly reside in the interior Punjab and KP.

“We did not get possession of the land for Hindu Temple in Islamabad. We are in dire need of a temple as many Hindus have recently migrated from Sindh to the capital city for business and job purposes,” said Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) MNA from Larkana Ramesh Lal.

CDA records show that the Hindu representatives, after the initial application for a temple land, did not follow the due process for the possession of the allocated land.

“We are here to help people without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed or religious beliefs,” said CDA Spokesman Mazhar Hussain.

He further added that the initial application of the Hindu community was accepted instantly and land for Hindu Temple in H-9 was allocated.

There is a certain process to follow for the possession of the allotted land but the CDA did not receive any documentation from the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Hindu representatives also didn’t pursue the matter.

“CDA would welcome applications from representatives of these communities seeking land for Hindu temple and Sikh gurdwara,” concluded the spokesman.


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