– SGPC upset at rumours of low salary SGPC employees

Sikh24 Editors –

Amritsar-Panjab-India, 15 August 2017. Taking strong notice of the rumors being spread about low salary of employees, the SGPC has clarified that rumors being spread were solely focused on defaming the apex Sikh body and don’t have any factual base.

In a press note addressed to media, the SGPC Secretary Dr Roop Singh has said that salary of each employee is fixed as per the grading specified by the Punjab government. He further said that appraisal is also added to the employee’s salary after a specified time period or on promotion.

Denying allegations of paying Rs. 10 / Kilometre to a Principal of an SGPC run school, Dr Roop Singh said that the rumour being spread about was totally baseless. He added that some employees in SGPC were receiving a monthly salary more than Rs. 50,000 as they have been working within the body for a long time.

Dr Roop Singh has said that the SGPC was an institution of Sikh devotees and it had come to existence after long and hard struggle by the Sikh community. He has appealed to Sikh masses to be wary of the rumors being spread to defame the apex Sikh body.


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