– More than 3000 Sikhs Granted Access To Nankana Sahib

Nankana Sahib – Panjab – Pakistan

Sikh24 Editors

Ferozepur-Panjab-India, 29 September 2017. More than 3000 Indian Sikhs have been granted a 10 days visa by the Pakistan government to celebrate the 548th birth anniversary of the founder of Sikhism, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, at Nankana Sahib, in West Punjab, Pakistan.

These Sikh pilgrims will depart for Pakistan from Attari Railway Station on November 2.

According to information shared by the Bhai Mardana Memorial Kirtan Darbar Society, the Sikh pilgrims will be directly routed to Nankana Sahib, to Gurdwara Sacha Sauda. Then congregation will be routed towards Hasan Abdal to have a glimpse of Gurdwara Panja Sahib.

Following this, Sikh pilgrims will be brought to Lahore to visit Gurdwara Dehra Sahib. For the remainder of the visit, the Sikh pilgrims will also be allowed pay obeisance at Gurdwara Kartarpur Sahib, Gurdwara Rodi Sahib, Bhai Lalo Di Khuhi (Aimnabad), returning back to India on November 11.

The President Harpal Singh Bhullar of the BMMKDS has appealed for 400 pilgrims to carry five plates and five glasses with ‘Gurdwara Nankana Sahib’ inscribed on it. He has further said that if any pilgrim would like to donate big utensils like cooking vessels or cauldrons then these can easily be transported in an open cabin of train.


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