The Times of India – Ex-communicate Bibi Jagir Kaur, Khaira asks Akal Takht

Chandigarh, 8 October 2017. Leader of opposition in Punjab assembly Sukhpal Singh Khaira has written an open letter to Akal Takht jathedar Gurbachan Singh to ex-communicate SAD leader Bibi Jagir Kaur from the Sikh Panth on the lines of Sucha Singh Langah since the court had held her guilty of getting the foetus of her daughter Harpreet Kaur aborted besides her forceful confinement and kidnapping.

Khaira said aborting a foetus was a heinous crime according to Sikh tenets known as “nari maar”, which is a “bajar kuraiht” (unpardonable sin). He further stated that as per record Bibi Jagir Kaur was arrested and sent to judicial custody for six months in 2012 and was currently out on bail.

She has filed an appeal in the Punjab and Haryana high court, wherein her conviction has not been stayed despite repeated attempts. He added that as a result of this conviction she was disqualified from fighting the assembly elections of 2017 in accordance with the law passed by the Lok Sabha and the Supreme Court against criminal politicians.

“But it is surprising that she continues to be the member of the SGPC. The commitee should have also disqualified her the moment she was convicted for five years. I am sorry to state that because the SGPC president is a nominee of the Badal family, he has failed to perform his duty to cleanse the body of such a convicted criminal,” said Khaira.

Advertisements – 483rd Parkash Anniversary of Sri Guru Ram Das Ji observed with fervor at Harmandr Sahib

Sikh24 Editors

Amritsar-Panjab-India, 9 October 2017. Guru Ram Das Ji’s 483rd birth anniversary was celebrated with great zealousness by the Sikh masses on October 7. Masses of Sikh devotees paid obeisance at the sanctum sanctorum Sri Harmandr Sahib on this day to receive blessings of Guru Sahib.

Special manifestation of Sikh artifacts was held inside the sanctum sanctorum and Gurdwara Baba Atal Rai Ji situated within the Sri Harmandir Sahib complex.

Following the culmination of Sri Akhand Path Sahib at Gurdwara Diwan Hall Manji Sahib, renowned Raagi Jathas, Dhadis and Kavishar addressed the religious discourse to devotees.

Beautification of sanctum sanctorum with imported flowers and special hi-tech lighting system remained centre of attraction for Sikh devotees. To avoid pollution caused by fire-crackers, LED lighting was held in the evening this time.

Thanking the worldwide Sikh devotees for manifesting appreciable enthusiasm towards the birth anniversary celebrations, the SGPC President Kirpal Singh Badungar said that the Sikh religion was plaintiff of communal harmony and the intent of selfless service, recitation of Almighty Lord’s name have been given special place in it.

“Adopting the great values depicted by great Sikh masters in our lives is true devotion to our Gurus” he added.

Melle Leeuw – Gent: Sint Margrietstraat

Melle Leeuw
2 October 2017

Tram 2 to Zwijnaarde
The tram on the left will now move to the stop which the other tram just left

2 October 2017



Sint-Stefanus Church


Vredeshuis – House of Peace

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Harjinder Singh
Man in Blue

Searchlight Magazine – Sikhs Against the EDL oppose invitation to Mohan Singh to speak at the Football Lads Alliance rally on Saturday in London

Balwinder Singh Rana

Ilford, 5 October 2017. The Sikhs Against the EDL are saddened to learn that Football Lads Alliance have again invited Mohan Singh, from Sikh Awareness Society, to speak at their rally on Saturday, 7 October, in London.

When he spoke at their last protest rally in June, also in London, Mr Singh made a very anti-Islam speech, when he said, “We’re talking about radical Islamic extremism”, while he paid lip service to the terrorist attack on the Finsbury Park mosque where one worshipper was killed and many others injured.

A little while before that, Mr Singh had also spoken at a demo in Manchester with the racist former EDL leader Tommy Robinson.

Ironically at the time some far-right supporters were accused by a Sikh volunteer group for the abuse they had suffered while feeding some homeless people. The Independent newspaper reported, on June 13, far-right protesters have been accused of abusing Sikh volunteers as they tried to feed the homeless in Manchester.

Members of the Sikh Sewa Organisation said they had to flee from Piccadilly Gardens for their own safety after “EDL members” became abusive towards them.

In the early days of the EDL another young Sikh, Guramit Singh, from Nottingham, had become the spokesperson for the racist and anti-Muslim EDL and in that position he was fond of misquoting Sikh teachings to spread hatred against Muslims (eventually he was imprisoned, in 2013, for six-and-half years for a botched armed robbery).

The Sikhs Against the EDL organisation was launched in 2010 in response to the growing influence of Guramit Singh and some others amongst some Sikh youth and the organisation quickly gained support from many Sikh temples and other organisations around the country.

Soon after Guramit Singh left the EDL after the organisation issued him with an ultimatum to resign or face excommunication.

Balwinder Singh Rana, spokesperson for the organisation, said, “Tommy Robinson, an ex-member of the British National Party (BNP), a fascist organisation, an ex-leader of the racist and islamophobic EDL, has not changed his spots. He is still trying to involve Sikhs into his vile activities of division and hatred.

However, the Sikhs will not fall for his lies and from actions of his supporters in Manchester its clear for everyone to see that they are not friends of Sikhs.

We shall keep informing our people that they should keep away from these racists and fascists because they are using old tactics of divide and rule.” We have always known that today their target is the Muslims and tomorrow it will be us.

He also added that Islamophobia spread by the likes of Tommy Robinson had resulted in a terrorists attack upon the innocent people outside the Finsbury Park mosque. That terrorist attack, just like the other recent terrorist attacks, should be condemned by all decent people.

The perpetrators of these attacks do not represent any individual communities and no blame should be put on any community. Instead, whether we are Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Jews, and people of all other faiths and none, and whatever race and colour, we should all come together to defeat these monsters who seek to cause divisions and hatred.

The Sikhs Against the EDL would be joining Stand Up to Racism and others to leaflet the Football Lads Alliance rally in London on Saturday, 7 October.

Dawn – Giving up jihad

Editorial, 9 October 2017. In the context of the current, arguably cynical and calculated backlash, the comments are perhaps appropriate. In the context of long-term challenges that state and society will inevitably have to confront, they are inadequate.

Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal has rightly denounced elements that have threatened to declare jihad inside the country in recent days and emphatically asserted that only the state has the right to issue a call to arms.

The interior minister’s comments echoed what has been asserted by General Qamar Bajwa recently, the army chief having publicly stated that the state must have a monopoly over violence and is the sole authority to declare jihad.

That the state is finally willing to push back publicly and firmly against extremist elements that not only reject the Constitution but also want to unleash violence inside Pakistan is a welcome change. A better future for all Pakistanis will not be won without confronting regressive groups operating inside the country.

Yet, there are two problems with the formulation that the interior minister has chosen. First, it does not acknowledge the role that the state itself has played in encouraging jihad among sections of the population and in regional conflicts.

If there are groups and societal elements inside Pakistan willing to threaten jihad over all manner of perceived offences, virtually all of them have found encouragement at one point or another from the state itself to do so.

The state has only gone so far as to recognise that sustained and sweeping counter-extremism efforts are needed across the country; little has been achieved or even attempted in practice.

The controversy that parliament has found itself mired in is an unfortunate illustration of the utter failure of the state to cleanse the public discourse of hateful rhetoric and its total failure to develop a national dialogue that is inclusive, rational and democratic.

Are the elements urging violence today not a reflection of a state that unthinkingly and for long embraced ideas that are inimical to a modern, constitutional, democratic state?

Second, there is a fresh danger in the very idea that only the state can declare a certain kind of religiously mandated violence.

For the state to protect itself and its people against external enemies, or to defend itself in the case of a declaration of war against Pakistan, there are thoroughly legitimate, legal and internationally accepted reasons for doing so that do not appeal solely to religious sentiment.

Where are these notions of a certain kind of religious edict being the exclusive domain of the state or necessary in any circumstances at all coming from?

Instead of debating who has the authority to declare and wage jihad, the state ought to be working to ensure the total elimination of all non-state actors and militias. Pakistan must demonstrate that it is fundamentally committed to being a responsible member of a modern world order.