The News – Indian fishing boat crew hails ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ after receiving medical aid from Pakistan Navy

Islamabad – Islamabad Capital Territory – Pakistan, 29 April 2018. Pakistan Navy Ship ‘Alamgir’ (Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigate) successfully rescued a stranded Indian fishing dhow named ‘St. Marys’ via a rescue operation while conducting Maritime Security Operations (MSOs) in the Gulf of Aden.

The boat which sailed from the Indian port of Colochel had reportedly become non-operational due to loss of engine propulsion in open sea near Salalah (Oman) for last 8 days with 12 crew members on-board.

On receipt of information and request for help from the fishing dhow, Pakistan Navy Ship was promptly dispatched which through its technical team repaired the boat, removed its defect and made it seaworthy.

The rectification of defect required miscellaneous repairs including gearbox removal and re-fixing followed by alignments and repairs through improvised solutions by technical team on-board the Indian boat.

The stranded boat crew was dehydrated and also required medical care and edibles. Pakistan Navy Ship rescue team provided it the necessary edibles and medical care.

The master and crew of the stranded boat thanked Pakistan Navy for its kind gesture and swift response, by hailing ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ (Long live Pakistan), and thereafter shaped course to Indian port. – PSEB changed class XII history syllabus to make it Indian nationalistic

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Amritsar – Panjab — India, 29 April 2018. The pro-Hindutva outfit RSS has been getting more blunt in implementing its policies against minorities since the formation of saffron BJP’s government in India.

In addition to its repeated attacks on Sikh history & culture, the RSS has once again succeeded in getting the Sikh history removed from class XII syllabus taught by the Punjab School Education Board.

Although the PSEB has excused of shifting the syllabus of Sikh history to class XI after observing sharp reaction from Punjab residents but on thoroughly checking this “shuffling” of syllabus one can easily observe the anti-Sikh approach working in a clever way.

On the condition of anonymity, a history lecturer working in PSEB affiliated government school told Sikh24 that the PSEB has changed syllabus to make it parallel to the one being taught by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

He informed that firstly the PSEB was going to remove the entire syllabus of Sikh history from syllabi for secondary classes but later it was retained in class XI syllabus in a shrunk form due to opposition by few of the board members.

Sources have clarified that the PSEB had appointed a panel of history lecturers from Punjab and other states of India to pen the new books for class XI & XII. A history lecturer, who is said to be a staunch follower of RSS’ ideology, is learnt to have played a key role behind this reform in History syllabus for class XI & XII.

Lecturer Jasbir Singh informed Sikh24 that new chapters of history about ‘Sakhi Sarvar’ and ‘Lakhan Da Data Peer’ have been inducted in the new curriculum of PSEB to push youth of Punjab towards blind faith.

Whistle blower Gurpreet Singh Chandbaja has said that the new History book is full of pictorials about Indus valley civilization and temples of south India but there is no clue of any pictorial representation of traditional edificial art of Punjab.

On checking the newly inducted chapters in class XII history book and comparing it with the NCERT book being taught by CBSE board, one can easily grasp the nationalistic approach working behind the development.

Although, the PSEB has tried to hide its intention by changing the name of chapters but it has come to the fore on thoroughly going through the book. For example, the CBSE board has straightforward named the first chapter on Harappan civilization but the PSEB has titled it as ‘Cities, Trade and Crafts’.

I am quite willing to believe that RSS types are trying to influence the history lessons taught in Indian schools. But the author of this article seems confused about the Indus Civilisation. The Indus civilisation was in an ‘India’ without Hindus or Hinduism and before Indo-germanic people and their languages arrived.
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Zwijndrecht and Antwerpen

Zwijndrecht Dorp
28 February 2018

Tracks to/from the Melsele terminus

Antwerpen Groenplaats
28 February 2018

Prémetro station Groenplaats – Nationalestraat exit

The Cathedral of Our Lady

De Meir
28 February 2018

De Meirbrug – Tram 7 to Mortsel

De Meir – Tram 7 to Mortsel
Entrance to prémetro station

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Kerknet – Nieuwe kans voor ter doodveroordeelde Asia Bibi

Volgens haar advocaat is het doodvonnis van de Pakistaanse Asia Bibi nog niet definitief

Lahore – Panjab – Pakistan, 29 April 2018. Naar aanleiding van de dag van gebed voor de vrijlating van Asia Bibi heeft de advocaat van de terdoodveroordeelde Pakistaanse vrouw gezegd dat er nog een zitting komt van het Hooggerechtshof. Daarin wordt een beroep tegen de uitspraak behandeld.

Asia Bibi, een katholieke moeder van vijf kinderen, werd op basis van een fel betwistbaar getuigenis tot de doodstraf veroordeeld. Sinds 2009 zit zij onophoudelijk opgesloten in de gevangenis. Eind februari werden de echtgenoot van de vrouw en haar dochter ontvangen bij paus Franciscus.

De Pakistaanse aartsbisschop Sebastian Shaw zegt dat de Pakistaanse Kerk blijft hopen op en bidden voor haar vrijlating.


The Hindu – Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh say democracy is in danger

Special Correspondent

New Delhi, 29 April 2018. Cites stalling of no trust motion in Parliament; Will fight the anti-people Modi government unitedly, says Sonia

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Sunday said democracy was in danger as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government had undermined constitutional institutions while the former Congress chief Sonia Gandhi accused the Modi government of betraying the people’s mandate by failing to delivering on its promises.

Addressing the Jan Akrosh rally in Delhi, Mr Singh said, “To prevent the no-confidence motion of the Opposition, the government used every resource. It is clear from this that if the Parliament does not function, it can pose a danger to democracy in the country.

Democracy is a gift of the India’s Constitution and we should all strive to strengthen it.” Dr Singh said while addressing the Jan Akrosh (People’s Anger) rally.

Growing anger

The former Prime minister said though the Modi government had made tall promises before 2014, it has failed to deliver on most counts and that the time has now come to seek accountability from the government.

Mr Singh claimed that anger and pessimism were on the rise as attacks on Dalits increased, women safety was threatened, employment opportunities vanished and oil prices soared even when international prices were falling.

Bringing up the impact of the Nirav Modi-Mehul Choksi banking fraud, Mr. Singh said, “This is affecting the health of our banks.”

‘Serious judicial crisis’

In her speech, former Congress president said the government has left no stone unturned in undermining institutions, targeting political rivals and claimed that the judiciary is in the grip of a “serious crisis.”

“The government takes Parliamentary majority as a license to do whatever it likes. They think it is their right to crush any dissent. The democratic institutions were nurtured over 60 to 65 years. But ever since this government has come to power, it has left no stone unturned in weakening them,” said Ms. Gandhi.

“The Congress leadership that fought for freedom envisioned a new India founded on values of truth, love and non-violence. But what has happened in the last four years? Today, falsehood, hatred, anger and violence are the order of the day. Those who raise their voice against this face the wrath of the Modi government,” she said.

“What happened to Modiji‘s slogan ‘Na khaunga, na khane dunga’ [would not take bribes, nor let anyone do so] as the roots of corruption have become deeper under his watch,” said Ms Gandhi.

“We will fight unitedly the directionless, anti-people Modi government, which has made false promises and betrayed the people.”

Talking about women safety, the UPA chairperson said even little girls were not safe and home makers were having a hard time mananging household budgets because of price rise.

”I am confident that the voice raised at the rally at the historic Ramlila Maidan will resonate across every household and our fight will be successful in the days to come,” Ms Gandhi said.

Remember the Emergency, remember the attack on Harmandr Sahib, Remember the anti-Sikh Pogroms !
For sure, democracy in in danger under Modi, but it was not in very safe hands during Congress rule either.
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