Tolo News – Uzbek President to invite India to join Afghan railway project

Tashkent – Uzbekistan, 28 September 2018. The Uzbek president is scheduled to visit New Delhi on Sunday and will meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday.

India will be invited to help with a key railway project in Afghanistan during Uzbekistan’s President Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s visit to New Delhi in the coming week on Sunday.

The railway, almost 650 km in length, which will connect Mazar-e-Sharif and Herat cities and will later be extended to Kabul, is a major project agreed to by President Ashraf Ghani and President Mirziyoyev last year.

Many of the preliminary surveys for the project have already been completed.

“We support a greater presence of India in Central Asia, and hope for some benefits of that for Afghanistan. I hope that negotiations with PM Modi will open a new page in our bilateral relations,” Special Assistant for Foreign Affairs Ilhom Nematov said as quoted in a report by The Hindu.

“If India would be involved in [the railway line] construction, we would welcome them because of India’s proven record and experience, and because of its contribution to bringing peace to Afghanistan,” he said.

He said Uzbekistan has an interest in opening trade and connectivity routes all the way to the Indian Ocean.

The project, for which Uzbekistan has already pledged $500 million, could become another major regional connectivity project for India, after its construction of the Zaranj-Delaram Highway in Afghanistan and the Shahid Beheshti port in Chabahar, Iran.

India is also committed to building another rail route, from Chabahar to Zahedan on the Iran-Afghan border, and President Mirziyoyev is keen to join the transit trade agreement signed by India, Afghanistan and Iran.

The rail route to Herat, if extended to Kabul, would also link to India’s “air corridor”, allowing trade, especially dry fruits and agricultural produce to travel along the routes from India to Central Asia and back in much shorter time.

Uzbekistan has held talks with Iran, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and China, which is already running a rail route into Uzbekistan under the Belt and Road Initiative, for the same project in the past few months.

Making a pitch for talks between India and Pakistan, Nematov said Uzbekistan’s role in regional security is likely to grow as it will take over the Secretary Generalship of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in January 2019, the report said.

“I think that SCO is a good platform for India and Pakistan to talk at and to maybe work with other countries on how to bring peace,” he said as quoted by The Hindu.

President Mirziyoyev will also discuss peace efforts in Afghanistan and his offer of mediating talks between the Ghani government and the Taliban, during his visit to India, the report said.

In August, a Taliban delegation visited Tashkent and held talks with the president’s representative.

The report quoted officials as saying that more than 30 documents and agreements are expected to be signed during the visit. – Killer cops convicted for life in a 26 years old fake encounter case

Sikh24 Editors

Chandigarh – Panjab – India, 27 September 2018. An Additional Sessions and District Judge of Mohali representing Special CBI Court on September 26 convicted two retired Police cops for life in a case pertaining to extra-judicially killing a teenage Sikh boy.

Beside it, the Court has also imposed a penalty of Rupees 61,000/- on each convict so that the mother of victim, Balwinder Kaur, could be compensated.

It is notable here that 15 years old Harpal Singh was killed in a fake encounter at village Nijjar (District: Amritsar) on September 18, 1992 by the Punjab police.

Addressing sentence to the guilty cops Raghbir “Singh” and Dara “Singh”, the Additional Districts and Sessions Judge NS Gill said that the duo cops will spend rest of their lives in jail.

Sikh24 has learnt that the duo guilty cops Raghbir “Singh” (the then SHO of Beas Police Station) and Dara “Singh” (former sub-Inspector) are 81 and 78 years old respectively.

Four Police cops namely Ram Lubaya (former Sub-Inspector) Nirmaljit Singh, Jasbir Singh and Paramjit Singh were sued in this case. Ram Lubaya, who had kidnapped the victim from his house in Palla village in the district, 8km from the encounter spot on September 14, 1992, died during the trial while the other three have been acquitted.

“God has finally punished them. He was my only son and they killed him. Though delayed, justice has been done,” said Balwinder Kaur, the mother of victim Sikh boy.

Gentbrugge – Gent-Sint-Pieters – Leuven Mechelsestraat

Gentbrugge Braemstraat
22 Augustus 2018


23 Augustus 2018

All Stations to Lokeren

IC to Leuven via Mechelen

IC to Leuven via Mechelen

Leuven Mechelsestraat
23 Augustus 2018

De Lijn bus 4, 5 and 6 to Leuven NMBS

Opa spilled his cha !

To see all my pictures:

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Harjinder Singh
Man in Blue

NDTV – Navjot Singh Sidhu alleges Rs 500 crore fraud in Punjab civic bodies

He said during the last 10 years of rule of the SAD-BJP alliance, these civic bodies including the municipal corporations and improvement trusts were transformed into “den of corruption where irregularities and scams were the order of the day”.

Jalandhar – Panjab – India, 28 September 2018. Punjab minister Navjot Singh Sidhu said on Thursday the audit conducted by his department has detected irregularities worth Rs 500 crore in civic bodies of Amritsar and Jalandhar during 10-years of previous SAD-BJP regime.

After a surprise visit at the Jalandhar Improvement Trust, he said while irregularities worth Rs 225 crore had been detected in an audit of Amritsar civic body, discrepancies of over Rs 250 crore unearthed in Jalandhar, an official release said.

He said during the last 10 years of rule of the SAD-BJP alliance, these civic bodies including the municipal corporations and improvement trusts were transformed into “dens of corruption where irregularities and scams were the order of the day”.

Citing example, the minister said the civic bodies were still following old single entry system.

Likewise, he said that in complete violation of the norms, no daily, weekly and monthly cash books were maintained by the civic bodies.

Mr Sidhu said prime properties in these cities were either allowed to be encroached or were given on lease to benefit few people at “throwaway prices without any proper agreement”.

The minister said that the “biggest fraud” was misinterpretation of demarcation made by the state government to benefit affluent people.

The minister said this was just tip of iceberg as Rs 500 crore discrepancies pertain to only 40-50 per cent record which was available for the audit whereas the remaining record has not been provided to the audit company, which was undertaking this work.

He warned officials who were not submitting the record that stern action would be taken against them if they do not submit the record in coming days.

Mr Sidhu categorically said that no one found guilty for these discrepancies, would be spared at any cost and strict action would be taken against them.

Listing measures to be initiated by the state government in checking such discrepancies in future, the minister said that e-governance was the ultimate solution for this.

He said that complete satellite mapping of all the buildings in the state was on the cards, adding that all government properties would be computerised very soon.

The Hindu – Canada strips Aung San Suu Kyi of honorary citizenship

Ottawa had given the long-detained democracy advocate and Nobel laureate the rare honour in 2007.

Ottawa – Ontario – Canada, 28 September 2018. Canada’s parliament has voted unanimously to effectively strip Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi of her honorary Canadian citizenship over the Rohingya crisis.

Ottawa had given the long-detained democracy advocate and Nobel laureate the rare honour in 2007.

But her international reputation has become tarnished by her refusal to call out the atrocities by her nation’s military against the Rohingya Muslims minority, which Ottawa last week declared a genocide.

“In 2007, the House of Commons granted Aung San Suu Kyi the status of honorary Canadian citizen. Today, the House unanimously passed a motion to remove this status,” said Adam Austen, spokesman for Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, on Thursday.

A brutal military campaign that started last year drove more than 700,000 Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar into neighboring Bangladesh, where they now live in cramped refugee camps, fearful of returning to mainly Buddhist Myanmar despite a repatriation deal.

Many have given accounts of extrajudicial killings, sexual violence and arson.

The military has denied nearly all wrongdoing, justifying its crackdown as a legitimate means of rooting out Rohingya militants.

But after a fact-finding mission, the United Nations on Thursday set up a panel to prepare indictments against Myanmar’s army chief and five other top military commanders for crimes against humanity.

Ms Suu Kyi’s democratically-elected government remains in a delicate power balance with the generals, whose presence in parliament gives them an effective veto on constitutional changes.

Mr Austen cited Ms Suu Kyi’s “persistent refusal to denounce the Rohingya genocide” for the withdrawal of the Canadian honour, which is symbolic and comes with no special privileges.

“We will continue to support the Rohingyas by providing humanitarian assistance, imposing sanctions against Myanmar’s generals and demanding that those responsible be held accountable before a competent international body,” he added.

Honorary Canadian citizenship has only been granted to five others including the Dalai Lama, girls education advocate Malala Yousafzai and Nelson Mandela.