The Asian Age – Sidhu, Naseeruddin Shah, Aamir Khan are ‘traitors’: RSS leader

RSS leader opined that India doesn’t need Muslim youth like Kasab, but rather like former president Kalam.

New Delhi – India, 29 January 2019. RSS leader Indresh Kumar likened Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu, and actors Aamir Khan and Naseeruddin Shah to Rajpur king Jaichand and Najafi Nawab of Bengal Mir Jafar while referring to the trio as ‘traitors.’

Speaking to media after an event on Monday, Kumar opined that India doesn’t need Muslim youth like Ajmal Kasab (lone terrorist caught alive after 26/11 attack),but rather like former president APJ Abdul Kalam.

“India doesn’t need Muslim Youth like Kasab, Yakub, and Ishrat Jahan but rather those who walk on the path shown by Kalam. Those who walk on the path of Kasab will be considered only as traitors,” said Indresh Kumar.

“They may be good actors (Navjot Singh Sidhu, Naseeruddin Shah, and Aamir Khan) but they don’t deserve respect as they are traitors. They are like Mir Jafar and Jaichand,” he added.

Kumar also said that Congress, Left parties, communal religious forces, and few judges are responsible for the delay in Ayodhya case hearing.

“The first reason for the delay in construction of Ram Temple is Congress, second is the left parties, third is the communal religious forces, and the fourth are few judges who are delaying justice.I appeal to the saints and sadhus to sit at dharna outside the Congress office, office of left parties and outside the house of Judges who are delaying the matter,” he added.

The Supreme Court cancelled the hearing in the Ayodhya title suit case, slated for January 29, due to the unavailability of one of the judges, Justice S A Bobde.

The Tribune – Boards told to make Punjabi mandatory

Balwant Garg, Tribune News Service

Faridkot – Panjab – India, 27 January 2019. The state Education Department has written to the chairmen of the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination (ICSE) and the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to strictly follow the guidelines of the Punjab Learning of Punjabi and other Languages Act, 2008, which makes it mandatory to teach Punjabi as a compulsory subject in schools up to Class X.

The Education Department Director-cum-Director Public Instructions (DPI) (Secondary Education) has written to the chairmen of the ICSE and the CBSE that no board or institution shall award matriculation certificate to any student, unless he has passed the Class X examination in Punjabi subject.

It has been brought into the notice of the department that many schools in the state, affiliated with the ICSE and the CBSE, are not adhering to this provision, wrote the DPI to the ICSE and the CBSE.

Such misconduct and violation warrants penal action under Section 8 of the Act as the Act empowers the state government to not only impose penalties on the defaulting schools but it may also issue directions for disaffiliating the schools with the ICSE and the CBSE, wrote the DPI.

Capelsebrug RET Metro Lines A, B, C

To Capelsebrug
30 December 2018

To Capelsebrug Metro

Capelsebrug RET Metro
30 December 2018

RET Metro station line A, B, C

RET Metro station

Platform for trains to Rotterdam

Platform for trains to eastern suburbs

Metro line B to Schiedam Centre

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Harjinder Singh
Man in Blue

De Volkskrant – Activiste uit Krommenie krijgt vier maanden voor opruiing

Haarlem – Noord-Holland – Nederland, 22 januari 2019. De activiste Joke K. alias Joke Kaviaar moet van de rechtbank in Haarlem viermaanden de cel in wegens opruiing. Dat is twee maanden minder dan het Openbaar Ministerie (OM) tegen haar had geëist.

De 48-jarige vrouw uit Krommenie trekt al geruime tijd ten strijde tegen het in haar ogen falende vreemdelingenbeleid. De rechtbank is het met het OM eens dat de activiste daarin te ver is gegaan. Zij plaatste op haar eigen website teksten als ‘het onschadelijk maken van gans de ministerraad’ en ‘wie gaat er mee op visite bij Gerd Leers?’.

Joke K. zag de strafzaak als ‘politiek proefproces’ dat er uitsluitend is gekomen om haar de mond te snoeren.

De rechtbank vindt dat de activiste ten onrechte een beroep heeft gedaan op de vrijheid van meningsuiting. De vrouw heeft niet alleen geprobeerd de politieke discussie over het asielbeleid aan te zwengelen, maar zij heeft ook opgeroepen tot het plegen van strafbare feiten om zo haar doel te bereiken, aldus de rechters.

De verdediging heeft aangevoerd dat de gewraakte teksten van Joke Kaviaar als politieke satire of overdrijving moeten worden beschouwd. De rechtbank is het daarmee niet eens. Volgens de rechters roept de activiste in haar artikelen serieus en met kracht op tot het plegen van strafbare feiten als vernieling, brandstichting en het plegen van aanslagen.

Dawn – ‘Courtesy phone call’ adds to confusion in Sahiwal killings case

Lahore – Panjab – Pakistan, 29 January 2019. The Counter Terrorism Department has approached the Lahore police for the arrest of its “so-called official” shortly after the lawyer for the family of the Sahiwal firing victims claimed that he had received a threatening call from a senior officer of the CTD.

Lawyer Syed Shahbaz Bukhari, while talking to the media at his office here on Monday, claimed that the “caller” introduced himself as the CTD official and asked him to stand down from the matter. He also played the audio recording of the conversation before the media persons, declaring it a concrete evidence of the CTD’s involvement in hurling serious threats at him.

Mr Bukhari said he had also provided the audio recording of the “CTD officer” to the Joint Investigation Team headed by additional IG Police Ijaz Hussain Shah. He requested the JIT to make it part of the investigation as evidence to proceed against the officers according to the law.

However, the matter took a surprise turn later in the day when the CTD investigated the issue and got data of the “caller” and traced him as a practicing medic Dr Hamayun Taimoor. The CTD also obtained his Computerised National Identity Card and the record of SIM he had used to make the audio call which was recorded by the lawyer.

“Dr Taimoor is resident of Askari Complex of Cantonment Board Lahore and he has nothing to do with the CTD,” says a senior CTD official.

Lawyer for victims’ family claims he received threatening call from a senior officer of CTD which traces ‘caller’ as practising doctor.

Requesting anonymity, he said that apparently it seemed that the lawyer for the victims’ family wanted to get some benefits like security by accusing the CTD of resorting to such tactics. He said the CTD had investigated the matter and found out that the caller was a close friend of Advocate Bukhari.

Dr Taimoor also later confirmed to Dawn that he knew the lawyer and his brother very well. “I am practicing doctor and running a clinic in Gulberg,” he said, adding that he had just made a ‘courtesy call’ to Mr Bukhari being his friend.

He made it clear that he was not the officer of the CTD. However, he said he had done some “assignments” with the CTD in the past, but refused to unveil the nature of the assignments.

“I have neither hurled threats at the lawyer for the Sahiwal victims’ family nor have I ever thought of this,” he said, showing his utter displeasure over the act of Mr Bukhari of recording his conversation and making it public.

“It was absolutely a private conversation of two friends and Shahbaz Bukhari breached my trust by using it for his motives,” said Dr Taimoor.

Earlier, during the media briefing, Mr Bukhari levelled serious charges of life threats to him and his clients by playing the audio recording of the call he received on his mobile phone.

“The CTD officer made a call on my cell phone, hurled threats at me and suggested that the agencies wanted me to stand down from the matter (case he was pursuing) in the wake of the Sahiwal incident,” he said.

The ‘officer’ (on other side of the call) was heard suggesting him (lawyer) to stay away from the matter, according to the audio recording. The ‘officer’ further informed the lawyer that intelligence agencies were not happy with the way the Sahiwal incident was being highlighted.

According to the audio recording, the caller said he belonged to the CTD and was giving him (the lawyer) suggestions as a brother. The ‘officer’ further conveyed to the lawyer on phone that the agencies wanted to settle the matter as enough had been highlighted pertaining to the Sahiwal incident.

“I would appeal to the higher authorities for immediate provision of security to me and the family of Khalil killed in the incident to avoid any untoward happening,” said Mr Bukhari.

In another development, Dunya News quoted Khalil’s brother Jaleel as saying that Mr Bukhari was no more their lawyer.

When contacted, the lawyer said Mr Jaleel had not contacted him personally in this regard.

Meanwhile, only two eyewitnesses turned up at the Yousafwala police station on Monday to record their statements with the JIT in the case.