The Asian Age – Both TMC, BJP are corrupt, put in place by SC: Sitaram Yechury

‘Several TMC MPs have already faced arrests and charge sheets. Why did BJP wait for five years to investigate?’ Yechury said.

New Delhi – India, 05 February 2019. CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury said the Supreme Court order on Tuesday showed both the BJP and the TMC its place and that the two parties were hand in gloves in “sharing the spoils” of the chit fund scam.

Speaking to reporters, Yechury said he did not find anything wrong in the way the CBI had embarked on the investigations into the scam in Kolkata and pointed out that their actions could have been objectionable if the agency had proceeded suo moto.

“In this instance when the judiciary orders the CBI to investigate a case, the CBI’s movement in the investigation into any state or territory cannot be construed as an attack on the authority or the powers of the state government.

“What is objectionable if when the CBI suo moto takes action and investigate without permission of the state government. That would be a violation. That is not the case here. So it is not a issue of Centre-state relation,” he said.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday directed Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar to make himself available before the CBI and “faithfully” cooperate with the agency in investigation of cases arising out of the Saradha chit fund scam probe.

The apex court said Kumar will appear before the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for investigation at Shillong in Meghalaya. The apex court also said no coercive steps, including the arrest of the Kolkata Police chief, will take place during the course of investigation.

“Both corrupt parties, the TMC and the BJP get put in their place by the Supreme Court. Must investigate the top leadership of the TMC too, of loot. Several TMC MPs have already faced arrests and charge sheets. Why did the BJP wait for five years to investigate? To pull corrupt members into its own fold?” he said.

The Tribune – Badals solely ran SGPC affairs, misused funds: Ex-secretary in book

G S Paul, Tribune News Service

Amritsar – Panjab – India, 04 February 2018. Former SGPC secretary Kulwant Singh Randhawa, who served the SGPC for over four decades in various capacities till 1999, in his recent book, alleged that the SAD-BJP “appointed their yes men on key posts to influence Sikh politics for vested political gains”.

His book in Punjabi titled “Sach Sunaisi Sach ki Bela”, revealed how the SAD had launched a campaign to get summoned Gurcharan Singh Tohra by Akal Takht. He described that Atal Bihari Vajpayee intervened to break the standoff between Badal and Tohra and the latter was appointed SGPC chief in 2003.

Quoting the statements of former CM Parkash Singh Badal and Sukhbir Badal of never interfering in SGPC affairs, he questioned, “How could Badal, a politician of high esteem, tell a lie? Perhaps, he forgot to complete the sentence that he never interfered, but solely ran the affairs of the SGPC and misappropriated its funds.”

He alleged the modus operandi how the Centre indirectly and the SAD directly took over the reins of Sikh politics by installing their mouthpieces on religious seats.

Randhawa alleged that post 1999, the Jathedars were removed when they tried to maintain the maryada of the highest temporal seat, which never suited them politically.

“Jathedar Bhai Ranjit Singh, who had summoned Badal supporters for violating the edict of Akal Takht, was removed. When Giani Puran Singh held Bibi Jagir Kaur guilty, he, too, had to lose the position. Bhai Manjit Singh and Giani Kewal Singh were shown the door for observing maryada,” he claimed.

Groen Nieuwjaars receptie – Himalaya Supermarket – Wijgmaal – Gent-Sint-Pieters

Groen Nieuwjaars receptie
Parnassus – Oude Houtlei
08 January 2019

Busy and noisy

Himalaya Exotic Supermarket
14 January 2019

Evi on the phone

Some of the products that Evi was interested in

16 January 2019

Wijgmaal NMBS station

NMBS Station and De Lijn bus 630

18 January 2019

De Lijn Busstation

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Harjinder Singh
Man in Blue

Daily Times – Callings from Kartarpur

Editorial, 02 February 2019. Away from the media limelight, much work has been done on the Kartarpur Corridor Project in Narowal, making possible its opening at the earliest and generating hopes of a durable peace between Pakistan and India.

Dodging bureaucratic hiccups, the government has acted swiftly to complete 40 percent work for the corridor project, since its launch in November last year.

Media reports suggest that roads are being constructed from the Gurdwara Baba Guru Nanak to the border point, and work on a bridge on the River Ravi and an immigration terminal at the border is going on round-the-clock.

A complex at the temple [Gurdwara] to accommodate up to a million Sikh pilgrims will also be ready within nine months. With such an influx of pilgrims in Kartapur, the economy of the area is expected to get a boost.

The Kartarpur complex will be on more than 1,000 acres, equipped with modern amenities including hotels to accommodate the pilgrims. The site will have an easy access to other cities housing the Sikh community’s heritage sites like Nankana Sahib, Hassan Abdal and Lahore, with dedicated road networks.

Reports from the other side also show a flurry of activity on the project. The Indian government has expedited work to acquire land for Kartarpur Corridor’s proposed integrated check post. The post will have facilities for the pilgrims on the Indian side.

Though the corridor eases pilgrims’ journey to the sacred temples [Gurdwaras], there is the cost of development too. The expected influx of pilgrims requires a huge infrastructure to accommodate them making their rituals and stay trouble free. The heavy construction is likely to alter the aura of scenic and serene surroundings of the Gurdwara.

Heritage preservation is often not a priority in plans for development works. We have seen the lack of regard for heritage sites along the route of the yet-to-be-inaugurated Orange Line Metro Train project in Lahore.

Fearing a massive change in the original state of the Kartarpur Sahib Complex, Sikhs in America and Europe have already launched an appeal to the Pakistani government to maintain Kartarpur Sahib Complex in its original state.

Kartarpur Sahib Gurdwara dates back to 1521, and it stands in the middle of 100 green acres once tilled by Baba Guru Nanak. This makes the Gurdwara and its surroundings very dear to the Sikh community. Besides, the site holds a lot of promise for historians, architects, archaeologists as well as tourists.

Apart from challenges to maintain the complex in its original state, there is the matter of politics between the two states. The first-ever opportunity to push the two countries towards softening their border must be benefitted from.

India should accept Pakistan’s invitation to begin talks on the corridor. Pakistan, being the future host of Sikhs coming to its side without visa, has invited India to discuss the modalities, but the Narendra Modi government, which maintains a declared boycott of talks with Pakistan, is showing an unnecessary firmness on an important issue.

With general elections around the corner in India, the ruling BJP would not like to lose its vote base, mostly built around an anti-Pakistan rhetoric, by sending a delegation for talks. However, it can still open a backdoor channel to reach an agreement on the issue.

The Modi administration must not let the gains of the corridor be sacrificed at the altar of party politics. It must look at the bigger picture which has afforded the two sides of an opportunity to bring people closer and open more avenues for a durable peace.

Now, when the corridor is moving towards its completion, power corridors in Islamabad and New Delhi should also reset the policy environment to maximise the potential of this important development.

Dawn – JKLF chief Yasin Malik slams global ‘criminal silence’ over Indian oppression in Kashmir

Srinagar – Jammu and Kashmir – India, 05 February 2019. Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Chairman Yasin Malik on Tuesday slammed the international community’s criminal silence over the continued oppression of Kashmiris under Indian occupation forces on Kashmir Solidarity Day.

On the occasion, Malik, in a video message shared with DawnNewsTV, thanked the Pakistani nation for standing in solidarity with the people of Kashmir on 05 February.

“On this day, I would like to ask the international community, was it you who said that there could only be a military solution in Afghanistan?” he asked. “Today the same international community is talking to the Taliban for peace in Afghanistan, because it has understood that no nation can be defeated using military might, and that the solution to all problems lies in talks”.

The JKLF chairman observed that the international community “has adopted a stance of criminal silence on Kashmir”, even as infants, elders, and youths lose their lives and property to the cause each day.

“The citizens of Kashmir are people too,” Malik asserted, adding that is why the international community, which seeks global peace and is making efforts for peace in Afghanistan, should make similar efforts for resolving the Kashmir issue “so that there is true peace in South Asia”.

Kahsmiri youth forced towards extremism’: Mirwaiz Umar Farooq

In a message shared on Twitter, chairman of a faction of the All Parties Hurriyat Conference, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq thanked the government and people of Pakistan for their “vigorous and unwavering support” for the people of IOK.

Farooq in his video message said that Kashmir Solidarity Day was being marked wherever Pakistanis and Kashmiris are in the world. He said voices were being raised to resolve the dispute as per the wishes of the Kashmiri people.

However, on the other hand in IOK, Indian occupation forces are inflicting tyranny, torture and bloodshed on the people of the region, and human rights abuses are at their peak.

“The youth are being forced to to take up arms without any concern for their futures, they are being pushed towards extremism. And as a result, every day these oppressed people take out funeral processions for their loved ones,” he said.

Pakistani support raises our morale: Mashal Malik

Mashal Malik, wife of Yasin Malik, in a video message thanked the people of Pakistan for the “unconditional and selfless support” for the oppressed people of Kashmir.

“This raises our morale and gives us more courage to fight against oppression, tyranny and against the occupation of Kashmir and Indian brutalities,” she said.

“A day will hopefully arrive when liberty and freedom will be an air to breathe in Indian-occupied Kashmir and our promised right, our legitimate right, according to United Nations resolutions will be granted to us, like every human being on this earth has the right to honour, dignity and freedom,” Malik said.

“Through the democratic voice of the Pakistani nation, the entire world is getting the message that this is a grassroots movement,” she said.

“Every segment of society in Pakistan is united in feeling the pain of the Kashmiri people. The entire business community sustains a loss for a day, students don’t go to school, they protest on the streets,” Malik said.

“Whether doctors, engineers or media people, they are expressing their grief and sadness over the Indian genocide of innocent Kashmiris.”