The Hindustan Times – Shutdown in Valley after Kashmiris harassed over Pulwama attack

Authorities have imposed restrictions in parts of old city and reduced high speed mobile internet services.

New Delhi – India, 17 February 2019. A shutdown was observed in Srinagar and adjoining areas as a mark of protest against reported attacks or targeting of Kashmiris outside the state, days after a suicide attack on a CRPF convoy killed 40 soldiers.

Traders’ bodies called for a complete Valley-wide bandh on Sunday against mob attacks on Kashmiris in Jammu and other states. Transporters have supported the bandh call. Authorities have imposed restrictions in parts of old city and reduced high speed mobile internet services.

A curfew in Jammu continued for a third consecutive day on Sunday with the authorities saying that it will remain in force until the law and order situation improves in the city. Authorities will take a call later whether the curfew can be relaxed or not.

Kashmiris in various parts of the country were reported to have been harassed or intimidated in retaliation against the terror attack, prompting the Union home ministry to issue an advisory to all states to ensure safety and security of the students and people from Jammu and Kashmir living in their areas.

The CRPF, which suffered its worst loss in a single day in the Valley, and has sworn to avenge the death of its troopers, stayed true to its professionalism as it took to Twitter to announce the launch of a 24-hour helpline for Kashmiri students and general public who are out of the Valley.

A Kashmiri student was arrested in Dehradun on Saturday for allegedly posting “insulting and provocative” comments against the armed forces personnel while another Kashmiri student was suspended by a city-based medical college on Friday for inappropriate remarks.

In several parts of the country, Kashmiris have been asked to vacate their places. The colleges or institutions where they study have been asked to withdraw them. A mob tried to occupy a Kashmiri girl students’ hostel in Dehradun.

The Jammu and Kashmir Police have setup a helpline for the assistance of students and other Kashmiris living outside the Valley. – Pulwama attack: Loss of human lives regrettable but war mongering no answer, says Dal Khalsa

Sikh24 Editors

Chandigarh – Panjab – India, 15 February 2019. Commenting on Pulwama bloodbath, the Dal Khalsa said the loss of human lives is always regrettable, whether it is of the security forces or that of a militant or even an ordinary person.

What is disturbing is that when there are regular deaths of militants and insurgents, then the media and civil society take very little notice, whereas whenever an incident of such magnitude happens like it had happened in Pulwama, there is an uproar of rhetoric, anger and revenge feels Dal Khalsa spokesperson Kanwarpal Singh.

He said that “war mongering at such times in a retaliatory tone is not helpful as it only adds fuel to the fire.” “Why is there no consistent effort to understand the political causes for the strife in Kashmir?”

The Kashmir dispute is lingering since decades and the people of the valley are dying everyday and facing untold misery and ironically all governments to date have paid only lip service to the political resolution of the Kashmir problem.

To avert the further loss of lives, the government does not have to indulge in war talks, but reopen dialogue with rebels to resolve the very issues which are at the heart of the problem, he observed.

He said the government and the civil society needs to realize the gravity of the ground situation especially the state of mind of a person who prepares himself to die first and subsequently takes lives of others.

Gentbrugge : Brokkenbrug, Van Lokerenstraat, Schooldreef

21 January 2019

Temporary Cycle Storage
This is the viaduct that drops pieces of concrete

Van Lokerenstraat
21 January 2019

Tram stop Tram 2 – Van Lokerenstraat

Tram stop Tram 2 – Van Lokerenstraat

Tram 2 to Melle Leeuw

Tram 2 to Melle Leeuw

22 January 2019

Tram stop Tram 2 Snow !

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Harjinder Singh
Man in Blue

CBS Sacramento – Suspect tells police he ‘hates muslims’ after attacking Sikh clerk

Macy Jenkins

Marysville – California – USA, 15 February 2019. A Marysville man is behind bars charged with a hate crime and assault. He walked into a 7-Eleven and threw hot coffee in the clerk’s face. He later told police he did it because he thought the clerk was Muslim.

“It’s fueled by hate and it’s an attack against all of us, so we need to stand up together to make sure that we put this kind of bigotry to an end,” said Amar Shergill, a board member with American Sikh Public Affairs Association.

The store clerk is still recovering after being assaulted earlier this week. Just before 2 o’clock Wednesday morning, a man dressed in black walked into the 7-Eleven on Highway 70.

Police said in a press release the man made a cup of coffee and tried to leave without paying. When the clerk confronted the man, video surveillance showed him throwing the hot coffee into the clerk’s face, punching the man and running.

Later that day, police arrested John Crain who told them he did it because the clerk was Muslim.

“It’s wrong,” said Vincent Henry, who lives near the 7-Eleven. “That right there is really a hate crime.”

But according to another clerk, Baljeet Singh, Crain was mistaken.

“No, He’s Sikh!” Singh said, describing his coworker. “I come from India.”

A mix-up that Shergill said happens time and time again.

“We stand with our Muslim brothers our LGBTQ sisters and brothers and the Jewish community so that they know that an attack against any one of us is an attack against all of us,” he told CBS13.

He said the Sikh community has seen the number of ani-Sikh hate crimes go up since the 2016 election.

“We’re trying to get our political leaders to be responsible because when they speak, bigots, like we saw in Marysville, will act,” Shergill said.

So what’s the answer to keeping incidents like this from happening again?

“I think the solution is more communication with people, direct communication, living with people of different ethnicities,” said Jay Inglee, who works in Grass Valley.

Singh told CBS13 his co-worker is still healing from the attack, and he hopes this incident doesn’t overshadow the nice customers he sees every day.

“There are many good people who come and appreciate all of us,” Singh said.

Crain is being held at Yuba County Jail charged with theft, assault and a hate crime.

Suspect Tells Police He ‘Hates Muslims’ After Attacking Sikh Clerk

The Hindu – Tension grips Haryana village as demonstrators tell residents to oust Kashmiri students

Ashok Kumar

Gurugram – Haryana – India, 16 February 2019. Tension gripped Mullana village in Haryana’s Ambala on Saturday after some demonstrators told the villagers to oust Kashmiri students who were staying on rent there.

The students are pursuing courses at the Maharishi Markandeshwar University. The demonstrators are said to have told the villagers that the students’ activities were “suspicious”.

They threatened to hold demonstrations outside the houses of villagers who did not send the students away within 24 hours. Announcements were made on loudspeaker too. A video of the situation in Mullana began to circulate on social media.

Police have requested the university authorities to accommodate the students in a hostel on campus.

Ambala Superintendent of Police Astha Modi told The Hindu over phone that the comments in the video were “misdirected” but the situation on the ground was “perfectly normal”. She said that security had been stepped up at the village and around the campus.

“We are speaking to the sarpanches to ensure that no more provocative videos are shot and no one indulges in this kind of activity. We are looking into the security of these students,” said Ms. Modi, adding that there was no formal complaint registered against the shooting of the video.

Sultan Singh, Deputy Superintendent of Police, said “We have supplied our phone numbers to students and asked them to get in touch if they face any harassment.”

J K Sharma, the university’s dean of students welfare, said around a hundred off-campus students have now been accommodated in the hostel. He said the university had adequate security arrangements and it was safe inside the campus.

Two police personnel were also deployed at the Technology Education and Research Integrated Institutions campus in Kurukshetra in Haryana. M.P. Gupta, adviser to the trust running the institutions, said there were around 15 Kashmiri students in the hostel.