World Sikh News – Affirmative and uncontrollable rise of the Hindu Political Leviathan

Jagdeesh Singh UK

New Delhi – India, 07 June 2019. Writer-activist Jagdeesh Singh states that the second decisive victory of the Bharatiya Janta Party in the Indian general elections sends out not only a signal but a clear affirmation to the world and to civilian populations within Indian territorial boundaries, that Hindu supremism has risen and is here to stay!

He argues that the basis of India was always a majoritarian Hindu In­dia which was challenged remarkably by Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale in June 1984.

The continued, unstalled rise of the Hindutva supremacist cum nationalist agenda since the formation of the Indian state in 1947, has now reached full political governance level. The dormant, yearning, Hindutva power seeking syndrome, that was eagerly propagated decades earlier by the Hindu supremacist visionaries like Hedgewar and Sawarkar, has now matured into a full-blown, aggressive political leviathan!

The Indian state was always going to be so, by its very nature and by default because of its majoritarianism, centralistic, for­mation; a Hindu-centric entity ruled and used by a Hindu-Indian elite.

The Nehru-Gandhi duo and their coterie, did much to conceal this embedded base reality from other nations, socio-religious and ethnic communities (e.g. Panjaabis, Sikhs, Muslims, Nagas, Tamils, Kashmiris, Manipuris, Dalits) as the crunch moment of the 1947 British transfer of power arrived.

The Nehru-Gandhi talk of a secular India was all talk, and no substance, designed to attract and mislead communities like the Sikhs, Dalits, Kashmiris and more into acceding into an Indian Union. The same game of sweet promises was played by Jinnah to the Sikhs and others. Both sides proved to be utter, abject liars!

The speedy, instant and ethnically cleansing 1947 carve-up of the colonially conquered map of South Asia (‘India’), was always go­ing to serve select interests and create power for ruling elites on both sides.

The stupendous lie of India being a clean, secular, non-religious, non-sectarian, wondrous creation in 1947, was in it­self a propagated lie! India has unravelled and unfolded into its natural shape and configuration, over the last 70-years.

India was by design a Hindu power base, to be used as ever prior by cruel, tyrannical Hindu heads of state to maladminister and misgovern their civilian population.

The text­books, speeches, slogans and rhetoric of a great, free, inclusive India; are a vicious, abject smoke-screen to conceal the cruelties of what has been the cancerous baby that took birth in 1947.

India always enshrined Hindu power and Hindu political identity, directly and indirectly.

The Hindu mass which occu­pies and populates the many core, middle administrative states of India’s mega-territorial size; in their keen affiliation to Hindu iden­tity and empowerment (spurred on by hatred of ‘separatist’ Sikhs, Kashmiris, Manipuris and the rebellious equality seeking Dalits and ‘tyrannical’ fifth columnist Muslims), were always going to emerge as the central, mass electoral base of India.

When you have such big, overwhelming majorities to rely on; you don’t need to address or respond to minority concerns.

The driver and blood-flow of India is Hindu identity, Hindu empowerment and Hindu supremism. Courageously defiant persons like Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale (1947-1984), forewarned of this rising monstrosity and pointed to its ugly divisive and sectarian features during his monumental life. He dared to stand up and challenge the mega-Indian state. He was, thus, targeted, criminalised and murdered in the notorious, genocidal Indian Army military strike on Amritsar and wider East Panjaab in June 1984.

India was designed on the basis of majority versus minority, numbers. This was the duplicitous trick of Indian ‘democracy’. Engulf and over­whelm by sheer population num­bers, and call it ‘democracy’.

Sant Jarnail Singh dared to stand up and challenge the mega-Indian state. He was, thus, targeted, criminalised and murdered in the notorious, genocidal Indian Army military strike on Amritsar and wider East Panjaab in June 1984.

There are those fanciful persons who seek to deceive themselves and oth­ers, as to the true nature of the Indian state. The Indian state no longer hides its open and brute identity from anyone. The forewarnings of a ‘militant’, ‘separatist’, ‘criminal terrorist’ like Bhindranwale, have unfolded into reality.

The only commend­able thing about the current, further rise of the Hindutva state, is that it will remove once and for all any lingering doubts about the much propagated ‘secular’ label of the Indian state. The Hindu supremacist monster was always there, lying in wait for its full-frontal rise to power; aided and abetted through the Indian National Congress and other governments over previous decades.

The outlying, border nations that sit on the outskirts of the Indian state, Panjaab, Kashmir, Manipur, Tamil­Nadu, Nagaland have always been restive and outspoken against this suffocating, tyrannical giant of Indianism and Indianisation.

To be Indian is to be Hindu, and to be Hindu is to be Indian! As the BJP lead­ers have consistently told us for the last 10 years or more. The Congress party may not put it in so many words but spared no opportunity to feed the Hindu fangs.

Tragically, the numerically small nations which were swept into the territorial sub­sumption of the Indian state in 1947 (and vice-versa into the parallel Muslim majoritarian-supremacist Pakistan); have been rendered powerless and defenceless against the might and tyranny of the aggressive and belligerent Indian state.

Meanwhile, the Dalit ‘Hindu’ under­class that is geographically spread and interspersed across the Indian state, are just as persecuted and oppressed by the simple fact of their ‘untouchable’ birth.

Indeed, many Dalits accept this as a natural, embedded, normalised condition of their lives, a grave symptom of complete disempowerment. The same mental degradation and subjugation apply to all the other aforementioned nations, ethnicities and communities, who have borne the brunt of 70-years of suppression and repression.

Becoming a silent witness to their fate as the Hinduistic ‘boaconstrictor’ (D Petrie, Report on Developments on Sikh Politics, 1911) squeezes and suffocates them into a paralysing, deadly submission.

The only commendable thing about the current, further rise of the Hindutva state, is that it will remove once and for all any lingering doubts about the much propagated ‘secular’ label of the Indian state. The Hindu supremacist monster was always there, lying in wait for its full-frontal rise to power; aided and abetted through the Indian National Congress and other governments over previous decades.

India will now unfold further and further into its Hindu supremacist substance, and precipitate its own final collapse under the weight of this.

Affirmative and uncontrollable rise of the Hindu Political Leviathan

The Tribune – Even after 3 days of Punjab cabinet rejig, ‘defiant’ Sidhu fails to assume new charge

Chandigarh – Panjab – India, 08 June 2019. Punjab Cabinet Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu, who is at loggerheads with Chief Minister Amarinder Singh and who got a new portfolio on Thursday, failed to resume his new charge, it was learnt on Saturday.

He is camping in the national capital to have an audience with party’s top leadership.

Hours after the first state Cabinet meeting post the Lok Sabha elections, the Chief Minister on Thursday rejiged the portfolios of most of the ministers, including Sidhu.

Barring four ministers, there were some changes in the portfolios of all the ministers as a result of the reallocation, which the Chief Minister said would help to further streamline the government system and processes and bring more transparency and efficacy to the various departments.

Local Government was earlier with Sidhu, who now gets Power and New and Renewable Energy Sources.

His other portfolio of Tourism and Cultural Affairs was also taken over by the Chief Minister.

Almost all ministers, except Sidhu, have assumed the new office, a senior government functionary told IANS.

Since Congress President Rahul Gandhi is on his first trip to Wayanad after a victory at the seat in the Lok Sabha polls, Sidhu is likely to meet Priyanka Gandhi and Ahmed Patel in a day or two, a senior party leader said, requesting anonymity.

He may also wait till the return of Gandhi to New Delhi, he added.

He and his former legislator wife Navjot Kaur have not reacted to the media since Sidhu was divested of his portfolio.

A defiant Sidhu, in fact, skipped a Cabinet meeting on Thursday and declared later that he cannot be taken for granted.

This was the first meeting of the Cabinet after the Lok Sabha elections, and the Chief Minister set a deadline for the completion of his government’s flagship programmes within six months.

This was the second time in a week when Sidhu boycotted a crucial meeting in evident protest.

Earlier, Sidhu was absent from the Congress Legislature Party (CLP) meeting chaired by Amarinder Singh here last week.

Missing no opportunity in taking a jibe at Sidhu after the portfolio reallocation, Akali Dal president and Member of Parliament Sukhbir Singh Badal tweeted: “He has been given ‘power’ so that Sidhu can perform and achieve the same results in rural areas too.”

Gent: Bisdomplein, Groen Gent

Groen Gent
18 May 2019

Fourat Ben Chikha – Sara Matthieu

The band

‘Captain’ – Filip Watteeuw – Elke Decruynaere

Two young fans of the band

This one was dancing to the music

The drummer

More Belgian pictures to be published
Harjinder Singh
Man in Blue

Pakistan today – Pakistan all set to welcome Sikh pilgrims

Shahab Omer

Lahore – Panjab – Pakistan, 07 June 2019. The Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) has completed all arrangements for the upcoming visit of Sikh pilgrims to Lahore from New Delhi and Pakistani High Commission in New Delhi has also been directed to issue 10-day visas to the pilgrims, Pakistan Today has learnt.

Two groups of Sikh pilgrims will visit Pakistan for 10 days each between June 14 and July 6 and for this purpose ETPB has completed all necessary administrative tasks, accommodation preparations and other arrangements.

Officials said that ETPB is coordinating with police, special branch, rangers and health department to facilitate the pilgrims. Furthermore, ETPB has also taken Sheikhupura, Nankana Sahib and Gujranwala administrative units on board.

The first group would be visiting the country from June 14 to June 23 to attend the Jora Mela and martyrdom anniversary of Guru Arjun Dev while the second group would be coming from June 27 to July 6 to attend the death anniversary of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

ETPB officials said that Wagah Border and surrounding areas would be declared no-go territories during the time of arrival and departure of the pilgrims and strict security measures would be taken for their protection throughout their stay.

The pilgrims would only be able to visit cities permitted to them in their visas and they would not be able to enter the cantonment and surrounding areas, officials added.

ETPB Spokesperson Amir Hashmi told Pakistan Today that the department is prepared to facilitate the pilgrims in all possible manners and the only reason their movement is being restricted is to allow them more security. “We are managing their visit and our staff is working day and night to ensure the best possible arrangements,” he added.

Dawn – Teenage Hindu girl allegedly intoxicated, raped in Tando Mohammad Khan

Imtiaz Ali & Mohammad Hussain Khan

Tando Muhammad Khan – Sindh – Pakistan, 08 June 2019. A 13-year-old Hindu girl was intoxicated and raped by two men in Tando Mohammad Khan on Friday, her family has alleged.

Police arrested two suspects for their involvement in the alleged sexual assault. They were remanded into police custody for four days by a local court in Tando Mohammad Khan on Saturday.

According to the first information report (FIR) of the incident, which was lodged on behalf of the girl’s father under Sections 376 and 34 of the Pakistan Penal Code, the victim had gone outside of her house to bring some groceries on Friday (June 7); while on her way, two unidentified suspects called her towards them.

The girl said that when she went to them, the two forced her to drink liquor and then proceeded to rape her.

The father told the police that when the girl didn’t return home after a while, he along with his son started looking for her and found her in distress near Sugar Mills ground. He then rushed his daughter to the Civil Hospital Tando Mohammad Khan and informed police about the matter.

The girl narrated her ordeal to her family after regaining her senses at the hospital, the father said.

According to the father, they belonged to a nomad family and had recently come to Tando Mohammad Khan, although they used to live there in the past as well.

The girl was later referred to the Civil hospital Hyderabad, where different tests were performed on her. Following an initial medical examination, doctors confirmed that “sexual intercourse has taken place”.

Tando Mohammad Khan SSP Zulfiqar Talpur told Dawn that DNA samples of the girl and the two suspects have been taken for further investigation.

Murtaza Wahab says culprits will be brought to full justice

Later in the day, adviser to Sindh Chief Minister on Information Murtaza Wahab said that the culprits involved in the teenage girl’s rape will be brought to justice.

He said that the provincial government had received the initial police inquiry report on the matter.

The adviser said that a case had already been registered and two suspects were arrested. He said that the victim will be provided with comprehensive medical and legal support.

Wahab revealed that the Sindh government was conducting a high-level inquiry in the case. He urged people from all walks of life to come forward “to eliminate the heinous crime of rape from society”.