Mata Sahib Kaur Gurdwara Gent: Sunday Divan – On my bike again !

Sunday Divan
14 July 2019

Gurdwara youngsters doing kirtan

The podium is full !
Two play the waja and sing
One plays the tablas

Preet Kaur and Anmol Kaur

Surinam, Belgian and Indian guests

Gentbrugge – Destelbergen – Heusden – Gentbrugge
On my bike again !

Destelbergenstraat – Dendermondsesteenweg
The butcher is called ‘Van Heule’
My family name is ‘Heule’

Destelbergen – Reinaertweg

More Belgian pictures to be published
Harjinder Singh
Man in Blue

Dawn – Pakistan welcomes over 500 Indian Sikh pilgrims for Guru Nanak’s birth celebrations

Adnan Sheikh

Wagah/Attari – Panjab, 30 July 2019. The government has allowed a special delegation of over 500 Indian Sikh pilgrims to visit Nankana Sahib for kickstarting the celebrations of the 550th birth anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh religion, the Foreign Office said on Tuesday.

A special jatha of more than 500 Indian Sikh pilgrims crossed over to Pakistan through the Wagah border on Tuesday morning. According to the FO, the pilgrims will commence the celebrations in connection with Baba Guru Nanak’s 500th birth anniversary from his birthplace in Nankana Sahib on Thursday, August 1.

According to a statement released by the ISPR, 476 pilgrims reached Nankana Sahib today. The remaining 24 pilgrims will not be visiting, the statement added.

The Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi had issued visas to the Sikh pilgrims who are part of the jatha on July 26. These visas were granted “over and above” the thousands of visas that Pakistan issues every year under the framework of the Pakistan-India Protocol on Visits to Religious Shrines, 1974, the FO said.

“Pakistan feels honoured that celebrations of the 550th birth anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak by Indian Sikhs are being started from Nankana Sahib, Pakistan,” read the press release.

It recalled that the Pakistani government is taking a number of initiatives, including the opening of the Kartarpur Corridor, in order to make the upcoming birth anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak memorable and historic.

“Government of Pakistan also believes in the policy of promoting visits to religious shrines and people-to-people contacts between Pakistan and India,” the statement added.

The delegation’s visit comes a day after Prime Minister Imran Khan said that steps have been taken to facilitate the Sikh community through the Kartarpur Corridor, which will be opened in November.

Earlier in July, Pakistani officials had claimed making headway on “80 per cent and beyond” issues in the second round of talks with India on the opening of the Kartarpur Corridor that was held after much delay earlier in July.

Responding to a question about the number of pilgrims to be allowed to cross over to Pakistan to visit Kartarpur Sahib, FO spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal had then said: “We’ll go up to the maximum possible capacity and physical arrangements [to accommodate the pilgrims] whether these are enough for 2,000, 5,000 or 8,000 [pilgrims]. Our intentions are clear, we’re willing and it’s Pakistan prime minister’s initiative.”

A statement earlier issued by the FO had said that 70 per cent of the construction work on the Pakistani side of the Kartarpur Corridor had been completed.

Islamabad has formed a high-level committee comprising Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar and federal ministers Sheikh Rashid and Noorul Haq Qadri to monitor the arrangements for the opening of the corridor and the birth anniversary celebrations.

The Hindu – After Shashi Tharoor, Amarinder Singh backs Priyanka for Congress chief

“She has the intelligence and instinct to understand and relate to the needs of the nation,” the Punjab Chief Minister says on Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

Special Correspondent

Chandigarh – Panjab – India, 29 July 2019. Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has backed Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra to take over the party’s reins, and that she was “a good bet” to replace Rahul Gandhi as the new leader.

“Priyanka would be a perfect choice to take over the party reins but it would all depend on the Congress Working Committee, which alone is authorised to take a decision in the matter,” said Captain Amarinder here.

He regretted the decision of Rahul Gandhi to step down from the top party post. “India is a young nation, and will respond to a young leader,” he said, while reacting on Congress leader Shashi Tharoor’s remark that Ms Vadra would be a good choice for being chosen as party chief.

Captain Amarinder made it clear that Ms Vadra was ideally suited to head the party, which needed a dynamic young leader to rebuild it after the recent Lok Sabha election loss.

“She has the intelligence and instinct to understand and relate to the needs of the nation, and also has the courage to take on any challenge and take the fight to victory,” he said, adding that he had earlier also advocated for a young leader to take charge of the party at this critical juncture in the nation’s journey.

“Given Rahul Gandhi’s refusal to take back his resignation, Priyanka was a good bet to replace him as the new leader,” said the Chief Minister. He expressed the confidence that she would easily get the support of the party’s rank and file, across regions.

The Asian Age – Explosive-laden vehicle detonates in Afghanistan’s Ghazni, Taliban claims attack

Taliban claimed that the incident has caused massive casualties and damages to the base

Ghazni – Ghazni Province – Afghanistan, 28 July 2019. Just a day after a suicide attack targetted Afghanistan’s Ghazni, another explosive-laden car detonated in the province’s Ab Band district early Sunday morning, a local source told Sputnik.

“The car bombing occurred today early morning in Ab Band District in Ghazni province early morning close to an Afghan forces base,” the source said.

The casualty figure is yet to be confirmed.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack, claiming that the incident has caused massive casualties and damages to the base.

On Saturday, another Taliban-perpetrated attack saw an explosive-laden vehicle targeting the district, killing at least three policemen and wounding 12 others. – 1984 Sikh genocide instigator Kamal Nath now mocks Gurbani

Sikh24 Editors

Hew Delhi – India, 28 July 2019. Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee has strongly condemned Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath distorting verses of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Kamal Nath rephrased Gurbani verses for personal glorification on his Facebook.

On a Facebook post, Kamal Nath’s official page posted a graphic that distorted the following verse by Guru Gobind Singh ji –

“Sava Lakh Se Ek Ladaun Tabhi Gobind Singh Naam Kahaun”.

SGPC President Bhai Gobind Singh Longowal condemned Kamal Nath. He told Sikh24 that Kamal Nath has been harming Sikh sentiments. “Kamal Nath used his name in place of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, in a post posted on his Facebook,” Bhai Longowal said.

Bhai Gobind Singh Longowal said that Kamal Nath had demonstrated his dislike of the Sikhs by doing so. “With this move he has the anger and resentment of the Sikh sangat,” he added.

When asked if the SGPC would take legal action, Bhai Longowal said the apex Sikh body was looking into it but so far they have not taken any legal action.

It is noteworthy that Kamal Nath has been accused of inciting a mob at Gurdwara Rakabganj Sahib on November 1, 1984, where two Sikhs were burnt alive. An FIR was registered against Kamal Nath but due to his political influence, he has so far evaded arrest.

1984 Sikh Genocide Instigator Kamal Nath Now Mocks Gurbani

Mata Sahib Kaur Gurdwara Gent – Sunday Divan

Sunday Divan
14 July 2019

Anmol Kaur and her brother/sisters

Young Singh Sahib did a very good job !

Most men went to Sint-Truiden for the kabaddi tournament

Most of the men, not all !

Doing the dishes

Singh Sahib doing chaur seva

Mata Sahib Kaur Gurdwara
Kortrijksepoortstraat 49
B-9000 Gent – Oost-Vlaanderen

More Belgian pictures to be published
Harjinder Singh
Man in Blue – After RSS HQ Visit, Walter Lindner must resign as German ambassador to India

Pieter Friedrich
28 Jul 2019

As the center for all things related to the #ResignLindner movement, we have launched

Please visit to see recent links and news related to the issue.
As always, please share this petition with your friends and family.

German Ambassador Walter Lindner must resign.

Please sign the petition !

Dawn – Minority Day: Those who convert others by force do not understand Islamic history, PM says

National Minority Day – Aiwan-e-Sadr – Islamabad, 29 July 2019. Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday said there was no precedent in Islamic history for forcefully converting others, and those who do so “know neither the history of Islam, nor their religion, the Quran or Sunnah.”

The premier made the remarks while addressing an event around the National Minority Day hosted at the Aiwan-e-Sadr in Islamabad.

The premier said that Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) life was a road map for people to follow till the day of judgement. He explained that the Prophet himself had given minorities religious freedom and protected their places of worship, “because the Quran orders that there be no compulsion in religion”.

“How can we then take it into our own hands to forcefully convert someone to Islam, either by marrying [non-Muslim] women or at gunpoint or to [by threatening to] kill someone because of their religion?” he asked.

“All these things are un-Islamic. If God hadn’t given his messengers the power to impose their beliefs on someone, who are we [to do so]?” he asked, explaining that the messengers’ duty was only to spread the word of God.


The premier said that since coming to power, he had said that the Riasat-i Madina was the only model for Pakistan, which had been created in the name of Islam.

Imran shared that Allama Iqbal had said that when a Muslim rises, they aspire to this model (the model of the state of Madina), and when they fall, they deviate from this model.

“This is why I want this model to be studied in the country. What was the Riasat-i-Madina? We are trying that universities teach courses on the Riasat-i-Madina,” he said.

According to Radio Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran also said that though the government was merely implementing the law against previous leaders, they were raising a hue and cry.

Addressing the ceremony, President Dr Arif Alvi also reiterated that the ideas of the Riasat-i-Madina be brought to Pakistan.

The New Indian Express – Body of BJP worker fished out canal in Hooghly, kin allege TMC hand

Hooghly – West Bengal – India, 28 July 2019. The body of BJP party worker Kashinath Ghosh was taken out from a canal here on Sunday, said police.

“It is a planned murder I want the murderer to get heavy punishment and if possible, the murderer should be hanged,” Ghosh’s wife alleged.

BJP workers have alleged that Trinamool Congress (TMC) workers murdered him. The TMC workers have denied the claim.

Ghosh, along with 26 other BJP members were accused of committing the murder of TMC member Lalchand Bagh in Nakunda village earlier. (ANI)

The Tribune – Sikh activists restart movement to reclaim Haridwar gurdwara

Tribune News Service

Amritsar – Panjab – India, 26 July 2019. Sikh activists under the banner of the All India Sikh Conference (AISC) again started the movement to reclaim Gurdwara Gyan Godri located on the banks of the Ganga at Har ki Pauri in Haridwar here today.

The activists performed ardas at Akal Takht before proceeding towards Haridwar today. Earlier in 2017, a joint move was initiated by the SGPC and DSGMC, following which the then Akal Takht Jathedar, Giani Gurbachan Singh, had appealed to the Sikh community to get united over reconstruction of this historic gurdwara that was demolished in 1979 by a mob.

Since then the Sikhs have been vying to restore the gurdwara. It is believed that Guru Nanak during his first Udasi (travel on foot) gave the Hindu Pandits a lesson on false rituals and idol worship.

The AISC has appealed to the Sikh community to unite once again to get the possession of the gurdwara.

Gurcharan Singh Babbar, head of the AISC, said, “Many Sikh organisations have shown solidarity with us for the cause, but shown resentment against the SGPC, DSGMC, Damdami Taksal and other prominent organisations which had launched a campaign under the tutelage of Akal Takht with much fanfare, but never took concrete step for its execution”.