The News – Saudi Shura council members meet PM and president, assure support on Kashmir

Islamabad Capital Territory – Pakistan, 06 December 2019. Prime Minister Imran Khan and President Arif Alvi met with the Saudi Shura Council members on Friday, where in the meeting with the latter, the KSA delegation reiterated support for Pakistan on the Kashmir issue.

Saudi Shura Council Chairman Dr Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Ibrahim Al-Sheikh met with the president in Islamabad. Dr Al-Sheikh said that efforts are underway to enhance parliamentary cooperation between the two countries.

During the meeting with the top government officials, matters of mutual interest between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia were discussed. The president said that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have brotherly relations and share common stance on regional and international issues.

He also said that 2.3 million Pakistanis settled in the Kingdom are contributing to the socio-economic development of Saudi Arabia.

The Tribune – SAD’s Naresh Gujral differs from party, backs Manmohan Singh on 1984 remark

Aditi Tandon, Tribune News Service

New Delhi – India, 05 December 2019. Senior Akali Dal leader Naresh Gujral today backed Congress veteran Manmohan Singh for his remarks that the 1984 Sikh massacre could have been averted had then Home Minister P V Narasimha Rao heeded late Prime Minister I K Gujral’s advice to call in the Army immediately after the assassination of Indira Gandhi.

While the BJP and Akali Dal attacked Singh for the statement made on Wednesday saying he was trying to absolve Rajiv Gandhi of his role in the massacre, MP Gujral hailed the former PM for “speaking the truth”.

Gujral also said there was a “mystery around the level at which the conspiracy to kill the Sikhs was hatched in the Congress”.

“I compliment Dr Manmohan Singh for honestly accepting the truth that then Home Minister Rao and the Congress government of the day were at fault and that the tragedy of 1984 carnage could have been averted had I K Gujral’s advice been heeded.

Rao shirked his responsibility as Home Minister. Otherwise the 1984 Sikh killings would have been 100 per cent averted. Eventually, the killings stopped only after the Army was called in,” Naresh Gujral, son of late PM I K Gujral, said today.

The Rajya Sabha MP said his father accompanied by late Air Force Marshal Arjan Singh and late Kuldip Nayar went to meet President Giani Zail Singh on 31 October 1984, soon after the violence against Sikhs broke out in the capital and urged the President to call in the Army.

“The President told them that he was unable to reach then PM Rajiv Gandhi. Thereafter, Mr Gujral and others drove to the residence of then Home Minister Rao and told him that the violence could escalate unless the Army was called in.

Rao assured them of action, but when no orders were passed until 3 pm that day, Mr Gujral and others again went to see Rao, who was sleeping. They got him to wake up, but he remained non-committal. By then things had gone out of control,” said Gujral.

Terming 1984 killings a “carnage and not a riot”, Gujral said top Congress leaders were involved in mass killings. He, however, added that he didn’t know the level at which the conspiracy to kill the Sikhs was hatched in the Congress.

Gujral’s remarks came when the BJP and Akali Dal directly attacked late PM Rajiv Gandhi for not letting the Army come in to stop the Sikh killings.

“There is a mystery around the level at which the 1984 carnage conspiracy was hatched. It is difficult for me to say. Of course, then Home Minister must have been under orders from someone.

There was a game plan to massacre the Sikhs and play the Sikh card to win elections and the Congress succeeded in that,” Gujral said even as SAD spokesperson Manjinder Singh Sirsa alleged, “Rao deliberately ignored IK Gujral’s advice because he had orders from Rajiv Gandhi to ensure maximum killings of Sikhs.”

Naresh Gujral also said today that the Sikhs were edgy even after Rajiv’s assassination. “Even when Rajiv was assassinated, my father got calls from anxious Sikhs who were wary of the repercussions because nothing was known of the late PM’s killers till then. Mr Gujral immediately spoke to then PM Chandrashekhar who called in the paramilitary and stationed the forces across the capital to avert potential violence,” Gujral said.

He lamented that 35 years after the carnage, victims had not had closure.

It seems simple to me : Narasimha Rao was under orders not to act to protect the Sikhs and although I do not know this, I think that only Rajiv Gandhi was in the position to give such orders.
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Gent Gurdwara – 550th Janam Din of Guru Nanak – Station Gent-Dampoort

Mata Sahib Kaur Gurdwara
550th Janam Din of Guru Nanak
24 November 2019

Burgemeester, schepenen and sangat

Many sangat present
Men and women sitting separately but in the same hall

Naujawan kirtan jatha

The girl in the middle is the lead singer

The women’s side

Bahut jore – many shoes
Did the shoes move or was it me ?

25 Maart 2019

Poster for the Schaarbeek Train World Museum

More Belgian pictures to be published
Harjinder Singh
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BBC News – Indian woman set on fire on her way to rape case hearing

Unnao – Uttar Pradesh – India, 05 December 2019. A 23-year-old alleged rape victim is fighting for her life after she was set on fire while going to court in northern India. The woman was on her way to a hearing in the case she filed against two men in March, in Uttar Pradesh state.

She is in critical condition in hospital, where she is being treated for severe burns. Five men including two of her alleged rapists have been arrested on suspicion of setting her on fire, police say.

The woman was on her way to a train station when a group of men assaulted her and dragged her to a nearby field, where they set her on fire, according to reports in local media.

Doctors treating her in the hospital in Lucknow city said she had received 90% burn injuries and that she would soon be flown in an air ambulance to the capital, Delhi, for better medical care.

The incident occurred in Unnao district, which was recently in the news over another rape case. Police opened a murder investigation against a ruling party lawmaker in July after a woman who accused him of rape was seriously injured in a car crash.

Two of her aunts were killed and her lawyer was injured.

This latest incident has sparked widespread outrage in India, which is still reeling from a shocking murder and rape case that grabbed headlines just under a week ago.

A 27-year-old vet in the southern city of Hyderabad was raped and set on fire on 27 November. Protests were held across the country after the victim’s charred remains were found following her disappearance last week.

Huge stigma

Rajini Vaidyanthan, BBC South Asia correspondent

Nearly a hundred rapes are reported in India every single day according to the last recorded crime statistics. Across towns, cities and villages, women, children and sometimes men are subjected to brutal attacks. Many don’t get reported, let alone make the headlines.

In recent days there’s been growing outrage in the wake of the recent gang rape and murder of a vet in Hyderabad. This latest case in Unnao has deepened that anger.

In a country where there’s huge stigma around coming forward and reporting cases of sexual violence, are there enough safeguards for those who do? Are authorities doing enough to punish the perpetrators?

In December 2012 I covered the gang rape and murder of a young woman on a bus in Delhi, which opened up a conversation around sexual violence in India. But little seems to have changed.

In recent days some officials have called on women to come home earlier at night or avoid using transport at certain times. Activists I talked to say the emphasis continues to be on how women can change, rather than looking at how Indian society as a whole needs to do better.

According to the latest government crime figures, police registered 33,658 cases of rape in India in 2017 – that’s an average of 92 rapes every day.

The Hindu – All four accused in Hyderabad vet rape and murder case shot dead

According to police sources, the exchange of fire took place between 5.45 am to 6.15 am

Abhinay Deshpande

Hyderabad – Telangana – India, 06 December 2019. The four accused in the case of rape and murder of a woman veterinarian have been killed in an exchange of fire with the police at Chatanpally of Shadnagar, 50 km from Hyderabad.

According to police sources, the exchange of fire took place between 5.45 am to 6.15 am near the Chatanpally underpass, where the charred body of the vet was found. The accused tried to flee when they were taken to Chatanpally to reconstruct the crime scene, the sources said.

The accused killed in the encounter are Md Arif (26), the lorry driver and Jollu Naveen, Jollu Shiva and Ch Chennakeshavulu, all 20 years of age.

The accused allegedly threw stones at policemen escorting them, snatched the weapons from them and started firing.

Speaking to The Hindu, Cyberabad Commissioner of Police V C Sajjanar said Arif and Chennakeshwalu snatched two 0.9 mm short pistols from the special party and started firing. Meanwhile, Naveen and Shiv started pelting stones at the policemen.

They also got hold of iron rods found in the vicinity, when they were taken to the crime spot for recreating the crime scene. The police had to fire in retaliation, and killed all four of them, he added.

Two policemen were injured and are being treated at a private hospital in Hyderabad. Forensic experts have reached the spot.

The encounter took place barely within 400 metres from where the body of Disha was found.

The entire area has been cordoned off after locals gathered on the spot as the news spread. People distributed sweets and hailed the police for their action.

On November 27 the veterinarian who was on her way home after a medical check-up at Gachibowli was abducted near Tondupally toll gate of the Outer Ring Road near RGI Airport. Later, her charred body was found at the underpass near Chatanpalli.

The Cyberabad police are yet to make an official announcement on how the encounter took place. Senior police officials said they would announce details soon.

Cyderabad Commissioner of Police V C Sajjanar addresses the media at the spot on December 6, 2019.

Meanwhile, the National Human Rights Commission has issued a notice to Telangana Police on Friday’s encounter.

Is there something ‘fishy’ behind this encounter or is it a case of extreme incompetence by the police ?
Man in Blue