The News – PM Imran Khan cautions PM Modi against attacking Pakistan, says it will be his ‘last mistake’

Mirpur – Azad Kashmir/POK – Pakistan, 06 February 2020. Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday warned Modi against attacking Pakistan, saying that it would be his “last mistake”.

PM Imran was addressing an event held to mark the Kashmir Solidarity Day where he responded to Indian Prime Minister Modi’s remarks about the Indian Army having the capability to invade Pakistan in 10 days.

“Modi your first mistake on 05 August when you revoked the special status of Kashmir,” he said. “If you attack Pakistan and conquer it in 10 days like you said, I guarantee that each and every person in this country will fight you till the last breath.”

“Our army is battle-hardened and has taken on terrorism and defeated it which even the best troops in the world could not do,” he remarked. The prime minister referred to India’s action of scrapping Article 370 on 05 August as “Modi’s first mistake” saying that the world had forgotten about Kashmir but thanks to the Indian prime minister, it had been reminded of it again.

“I can guarantee you that Kashmir will now be independent. Before 05 August, the world had forgotten about Kashmir. Even the Pakistani leaders did not talk about Kashmir, but now the entire world is talking about Kashmir.”

“In the last six months, the issue of Kashmir has become internationalised,” PM Imran stated. “Before this India used to say that the issue of Kashmir was a bilateral issue. When Pakistan used to talk about Kashmir, India used to say that talk about Azad Kashmir.”

The prime minister continued, “Today we are a country that solves issues. Whether it is an issue with Iran and Saudi Arabia or it is about the Afghan peace process, we try our best to solve it.”

Coming back to Modi he once again called him out for jetting on a campaign of hatred to win the elections.

“His [Modi’s] entire campaign was based on hate. And anything which is based on hate always ends in disaster. After he won the election he said he would do that in Kashmir what was in the RSS manifesto and revoked Kashmir’s autonomy and put it under lockdown,” PM Imran said.

He added that never before in the last 50 years people had talked about the Kashmir issue but just in the span of a few months thrice the UNGA had taken up the issue of Kashmir.

“Lawmakers in US, UK and EU also discussed the issue of Kashmir. EU MPs also called for an end to the lockdown and the restoration of the internet in the valley,” he remarked.

“To the people of Kashmir I just want to say that our prayers are with you and I can guarantee you that you will now become independent,” he added. – Sikhs join anti-CAA protests at Shaheen Bagh, Hauz Rani and Jamia Millia

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New Delhi – India, 06 February 2020. In the wake of firing incidents at Jamia University and Shaheen Bagh in the last seven days, the Dal Khalsa has said that the BJP led Union government is hell bent to smash non-violent protest against CAA through violent means in desperation.

Dal Khalsa spokesman Kanwarpal Singh along with his teammates expressed solidarity with Muslim community by paying visit at Shaheen Bagh where anti-CAA protest has been going on since last 51 days. He warned the BJP government against terrorizing and harming the protesters.

The delegation of the Dal Khalsa also visited Jamia Millia Islamic University and Hauz Rani to join hands with Muslim community in rejecting the CAA combined with NRC. Terming the new amendments as divisive and discriminative, Kanwar Pal Singh asked the government to withdraw the amendments.

Slamming the Hindutva brigade for stoking communal fire in the country to polarize the society in view of Delhi assembly polls, he said HM Amit Shah was pitting Hindus against Muslims. He said “Shah is exploiting Hindu sentiments to grab their votes by name calling Shaheen Bagh protest”.

For Amit Shah, Shaheen Bagh has become a nightmare as thousands of Muslim women supported by other religion people were spearheading the spirited protest against fascist policies of Modi government.

While referring to the firing incident at Jamia in which a Kashmiri student was injured, Kanwarpal Singh said by sponsoring violence through non state actor the government has indirectly admitted its moral defeat.

At Hauz Rani protest, venue of thousands of women and girls gathered to listen to Sikh leaders. We are here to stand with you and tell you that you weren’t alone at this hour of crisis and to plead for unity among minorities and joint action program to counter Hindutva hegemony.

Slogans to reject CAA and against BJP’s Hindu Rashtra agenda was raised on the occasion.

Professor Jagmohan Singh, a Human rights activist and young activist Angad Singh also spoke on the occasion.

Let the Rana brothers and the Badal pita/putr follow Dal Khalsa and the principles taught to us by Guru Sahib.
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Sikhs join anti-CAA protests at Shaheen Bagh, Hauz Rani and Jamia Millia

Den Haag – Kneuterdijk – Buitenhof

31 December 2019

Tram 1 to Delft Tanthof

Tram 1 to Delft Tanthof

31 December 2019

Tram 16 to Wateringen

Tram 16 to Wateringen

Tram 15 to Den Haag Centraal – Tram 16 to Wateringen

Tram 15 to Den Haag Centraal – Tram 16 to Wateringen

More Netherlands pictures to be published
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Human Rights Without Frontiers – Hindu girl abducted from wedding venue, converted, married off in Pakistan

Yudhvir Rana

TNN 28 January 2020. A teenaged Hindu bride from Pakistan’s Sindh province was allegedly kidnapped from the venue of her wedding a few days ago, converted and married off to a Muslim man by the time police responded to her parents’ complaint and traced her to Karachi.

Ravi Dawani, general secretary of the All Pakistan Hindu Panchayat, told TOI on Monday that it was the third instance in less than two weeks of Hindu girls being targeted, including a 15-year-old from Sindh who was kidnapped on January 15 and converted to Islam.

“The bride from Hala in Matiari district of Sindh was converted to Islam at Banoria in Karachi and married off to one Shahrukh Memon,” Dawani said. He said the Hindu panchayat helped the girl’s family approach the police, who sent a team to Karachi to bring her back to Sindh.

She was produced in a Hala court on Monday, but it wasn’t immediately known whether action had been ordered against those accused of kidnapping her. In the case of the 15-year-old, a resident of Jacobabad district, a court has directed the police to get an ossification test done to confirm her age.

Dawani said a 25-year-old woman from Kot Gulam Mohammad town of Mirpur Khas district had also been whisked away from her home four days ago and converted to Islam. She is now married to a Muslim man identified as Ghulam Mustafa.

“We are still to verify whether the woman got married to Mustafa against her wishes,” Dawani said.

National assembly member Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, who is from PM Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and patron of the Pakistan Hindu Council, didn’t respond to queries from TOI about the spike in allegedly forced conversion and marriage of Hindu girls.

Kheal Das Kohistani of the opposition Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) condemned the incidents, saying forcible conversion and attacks on Hindu shrines had left the minority community scared.

Dawani claimed that unidentified people recently vandalised the Mata Rani temple at Chachro in Tharparkar district of Sindh.

On 04 January a mob had attacked Gurdwara Nankana Sahib in Nankana Sahib, the birthplace of Guru Nanak Dev. This followed the kidnapping, conversion and forced marriage of a Sikh preacher’s daughter.

The sikh lady from Nanakana Sahib keeps repeating that she wants to join her new family, but nobody seems to want to listen to her.
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Dawn – PTI Lahore leader apologises over posters offensive to Hindus

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Lahore – Panjab – India, 06 February 2020. A Lahore-based leader of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) has issued an apology after he came under fire on social media for putting up banners that contained text deemed offensive to Hindus.

The banners featuring the image of Mian Akram Usman, the PTI Lahore general secretary, Prime Minister Imran Khan and Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah were put were up in connection with Kashmir Solidarity Day, which was observed across the country on 05 February.

The poster was accompanied by the text “Hindu baat ne nahi, laat se maanta hai” (Hindus cannot be reasoned with using words but by force). After coming under criticism on social media, Usman took to Twitter to apologise to “all peacefully living ‘Hindus’ [on] both sides of the border”.

When approached for a comment, Usman told Dawn News TV that he had asked his printer to prepare posters in connection with Kashmir day which should have text critical of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The printer “misunderstood” and replaced the word “Modi” with “Hindu” on the banners, the PTI office-bearer claimed. is trying to reach the concerned printing service for comment.

Later, while responding to a Twitter user, Usman said the posters had been removed “immediately” after they came to his notice. “I’m not the one who [gets] stuck on mistakes,” he wrote.

Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari in a tweet on Thursday said the PTI general secretary had been “reprimanded and posters were taken off immediately”.

She termed it “a shameful and ignorant approach by the individual”.