The News – Pakistan slams extrajudicial killing of 13 Kashmiris by Indian troops

Islamabad – Pakistan, 02 June 2020. Pakistan slams the extrajudicial killing of 13 Kashmiris in a single day by Indian troops in Indian-occupied Kashmir, a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Tuesday.

The ministry said Pakistan was deeply concerned over unabated extrajudicial killings of Kashmiri youth in fake encounters and so-called “anti-infiltration” operations.

“While the international community is preoccupied with fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, India is busy intensifying its brutalisation of the Kashmiri people,” it said, adding that the killing of the Kashmiris speaks volumes about Indian government’s continuing crimes against humanity.

“To hide these crimes, the Indian authorities use the oft-repeated, unsubstantiated allegations of ‘training’ and ‘infiltration’ of Kashmiri resistance fighters,” the Foreign Office said.

“India must realise that its malicious propaganda carries no credibility with the international community. The RSS-BJP combine stands exposed before the world for its illegal and inhuman actions and extremist ‘Hindutva’ agenda.”

The Foreign Office added, “India must realise that neither can its brutalisation break the will of the Kashmiri people nor can its anti-Pakistan propaganda divert attention from India’s state-terrorism and egregious violations of human rights in occupied Kashmir.”

It added the martyrdom of each Kashmiri will further fortify people’s resolve for freedom from Indian occupation.

“Kashmiris will never give up their inalienable right to self-determination as enshrined in the UNSC resolutions and the leadership and people of Pakistan will never flinch in their commitment of full support for the Kashmiris towards that end.”

The Foreign Office further urged the international community to take immediate steps to stop India from committing serious crimes against the Kashmiri people and hold it accountable under international law and relevant human rights Conventions. – Akal Takht directs SGPC to install Bhai Waryam Singh’s portrait in Central Sikh Museum

Sikh24 Editors

Amritsar – Panjab – India, 01 June 2020. In a press note shared with Sikh24, the SGPC appointed officiating Akal Takht Jathedar Giani Harpreet Singh has informed that the portrait of political Sikh prisoner Bhai Waryam Singh will be installed in the Central Sikh Museum.

Giani Harpreet Singh has made this announcement a day before Bhai Waryam Singh’s Antim Ardas to be held at his village in Uttar Pradesh.

“Bhai Waryam Singh spent his whole life in jail while adhering to Sikh principles. Keeping in view his sacrifice, I have directed SGPC to install Bhai Waryam Singh’s portrait in the central Sikh museum,” said Giani Harpreet Singh.

It may be recalled here that 69 years old political Sikh prisoner Bhai Waryam Singh had passed away on 24 May. Following 26 years of imprisonment, he was released in 2016 considering his good conduct during imprisonment.

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Gentbrugge – Melle – Gentbrugge

Gentbrugge – Melle – Gentbrugge
31 March 2020

Bromeliastraat – Brusselsesteenweg

Zwaanhoeklos, after crossing Brusselsesteenweg

This look like something belonging to a former factory


This looks promising, but it is a ‘cul de sac’

We are on the southern end of the familiar Oude Brusselseweg

More Belgian pictures to be published
Harjinder Singh
Man in Blue

The Indian Express – Nanded gurdwaras now Covid Care Centres: ‘Most comfortable’

Officials were scouting for suitable locations to set up Level-1 Covid Care Centres (CCCs) when the gurdwaras, Langar Sahib and Sachkhand Shri Hazur Sahib, made available three buildings used to house pilgrims.

Srinath Rao

Nanded – Maharashtra – India, 02 June 2020. Nanded popped up on the national Covid radar early last month when at least 1,263 of 4,218 pilgrims from Punjab, who were evacuated in buses from two gurdwaras in the district during the lock-down, went on to test positive.

Today, officials say they had the medical infrastructure in place when the district recorded its own first Covid case on 22 April, but would not have been able to keep pace with the outbreak without help from these gurdwaras.

Officials were scouting for suitable locations to set up Level-1 Covid Care Centres (CCCs) when the gurdwaras, Langar Sahib and Sachkhand Shri Hazur Sahib, made available three buildings used to house pilgrims.

“The administrators simply handed over the keys when the corporation made its request. The rooms are huge, clean and air-conditioned.

The quarantine facilities are the best and most comfortable that you can expect to find anywhere,” said Dr Sureshsingh Bisen, Medical Health Officer, Nanded Waghala Municipal Corporation (NWMC).

“We have housed positive cases at the Langar Sahib’s 150-bed Yatri Nivas. The gurdwara took it upon itself to prepare food for the patients. Our staff in PPE kits delivered the food to the rooms,” Bisen said.

At the Sachkhand Gurdwara, suspect cases are housed in the NRI Yatri Nivas, and positive patients at Panjab Bhavan next door, both in separate compounds, divided by barriers. “Any suspect case that tests positive is shifted from the Nivas to the Bhavan,” Bisen said.

Gurdwara authorities are not keen to talk about their efforts. But officials say that till about two weeks ago, the 500 beds available were “almost full”.

Currently, nine patients are housed in Punjab Bhavan and 100 of their high-risk contacts in quarantine at NRI Yatri Nivas.

In all, Nanded has 20 CCCs with 3,040 beds for “pre-mild” and “mild” cases, seven Dedicated Covid Health Centres (DCHCs) with 480 beds for “moderate” cases, and nine Dedicated Covid Hospitals (DCHs) with 649 beds, 121 ICU beds and 38 ventilators for “severe” cases.

The current case count is 149 in 43 days, with 120 recoveries and eight deaths. And at the moment, only one of the district’s 38 ventilators is in use, to treat an 80-year-old female patient at the Dr Shankarrao Chavan Government Medical College and Hospital, the only patient currently in a DCH.

So far, the district has not needed to call into action six DCHs set up in private hospitals.

“Since we had time to prepare, we identified nine DCHs in Nanded town and its periphery, with central oxygen facilities and separate entrances and exits, as per ICMR guidelines,” said Dr Neelkanth Bhosikar, the Civil Surgeon.

Given the relatively low rate of infection currently among a population of nearly 34 lakh in 18 talukas, Bhosikar insists that the facilities have not been stretched.

“Most of our patients are asymptomatic carriers who have recovered after quarantine. We have not seen a large number of patients being admitted to DCHCs and DCHs,” he said.

At the Shri Guru Gobind Singh Memorial Hospital, which houses the government’s frontline DHC, 50 beds with a central oxygen connection, 10 ICU beds with ventilators, and a team of 18 doctors are ready.

“This facility was identified in the first week of April, and we were able to attend video conference training sessions with experts from Mumbai and Pune, A 50-bed DCHC is also nearing completion.

We had started construction last year and decided to convert it into a Level-II facility. It will be operational within two weeks,” said Dr Sumit Lomte, the nodal officer.

However, officials in Nanded acknowledge that constant vigil is the key. For a start, with the NWMC employing only 40 doctors, the district embarked on a recruitment drive for doctors, nurses, data entry operators, and Class III and IV employees.

“We have selected the candidates,” said Bisen, the medical officer.

Even at the two gurdwaras, he said, the NWMC’s Class III and IV employees were hesitant after one of them tested positive. “They would wear PPE kits 24 hours because they were afraid.

We counselled them and told them to wear the kits only while serving food and medicine to patients, and while cleaning their rooms,” he said.

Outside Nanded town, meanwhile, the death of a woman in the predominantly tribal Kinwat taluka, 150 km away, has caused concern.

“The results came after she had died, it was positive. The taluka has a CCC and DCHC but the nearest DCH is several hours away. The woman had walked home all the way from Pune, about 450 km away,” said Bhosikar, the Civil Surgeon.

The Print – Netaji’s grandnephew Chandra Bose dropped as Bengal BJP V-P for ‘speaking up against CAA’

Chandra Kumar Bose says Modi a tall leader but BJP has become a machine to win polls, topple governments.
Bengal BJP says he was dropped with 2021 elections in mind.

Madhuparna Das

Kolkata – West Bengal – India, 02 June 2020. Bose had been vocal against the Citizenship Amendment Act passed by Narendra Modi’s government, and wrote multiple letters to the PM and Home Minister Amit Shah to offer citizenship to all persecuted communities from neighbouring countries, and not isolating Muslims to be kept out.

Speaking to ThePrint, Bose said he was dropped as an office-bearer for “going against the party line” on the CAA, but the BJP leadership said that he was politically “irrelevant” and “embarrassing the party routinely”. However, he remains a member of the party.

Bose said he was not consulted before being shunted out, nor was the decision communicated to him personally. He had attended a video conference with central leaders 10 days ago, after Cyclone Amphan struck Bengal, and said he received no indications that he would be dropped.

On speaking out against the CAA, Bose said he would always prefer to have faith in his ideology than blindly following the party line.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a tall leader, but the party that has spread too much everywhere now, and has just become a machine to win elections and topple governments. They are not looking at issues sensitively,” he said.

“How can they segregate Muslims like this? What kind of politics is that? If the whole country erupted in protest, including all the universities, IIMs and IITs, there is something really wrong.

It needs to be addressed. But it seems my suggestions did not go down well with the central leaders,” said the 59-year-old information technology entrepreneur.

Bose alleged that he received no response to his letters, which is when he chose to speak to the media about his opinions and also opened up on social media.

“My point was simple. I just requested the government to drop the names of religions and maintain that citizenship would be given to all persecuted communities.

Anyway, not many Muslims from Pakistan would seek citizenship here. There was no need to identify and isolate one particular community,” Bose said.

“This is the same as Mamata Banerjee polarising people and practising vote-bank politics. Everyone does that, including the Congress. I joined the BJP to work on inclusive growth of people, and I made it clear to Modiji and Shahji.

BJP ideology is opposite to Netaji’s

Bose was pragmatic about why the BJP took him into its fold and made him its state vice-president.

“The BJP is just a platform for me. I never had any political background. Why did they induct me in the first place?

It was not me they inducted; it was Netaji’s lineage. So, now, it is not an insult to me but to Netaji,” he said, but ruled out quitting the BJP immediately.

“It is the party’s decision, and I have accepted it. I will try to meet Modiji and Shahji. Modiji has done a lot for Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

But he also needs to understand that only building statues and naming institutes after him does not serve the purpose of paying tribute to his sacrifices,” Bose said.

“They need to follow his ideology too, and the BJP’s ideology is diametrically opposite to his. Just using Netaji’s name cannot win them elections, they need to address issues.

Just badmouthing Mamata Banerjee will not earn them people’s faith, they need to highlight what good we have done for the people,” he added.

Family name doesn’t matter, nobody above the party

The state leadership of the BJP, meanwhile, seems to have no difference of opinion on dropping Bose as vice-president.

And speaking to ThePrint, Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh said while he had taken note of Bose’s dissension, he insisted the decision was based on who could help the BJP win the 2021 elections.

“I know he had been making comments against the party and its decisions, but I do not want to say (that was the reason for his ouster).

The party has given positions to those it needs for winning the 2021 assembly elections. There are many people who were shuffled. We will give them other important tasks according to requirements,” Ghosh said.

Asked about the optics of dropping a member of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s family, Ghosh stated: “Families do not matter to the BJP, work does. Family matters in the Congress; we do not believe in such things.”

A vice-president of the BJP who spoke anonymously added: “Chandra Bose was not adhering to party rules for long.

At a time when Amit Shahji says that we will give our lives for the CAA, he was going on commenting against the legislation.”

The vice-president further added: “Nobody takes him seriously in the party. He never worked in the field. Following Netaji’s ideology does not mean wearing his uniform once in a year and chanting ‘Jai Hind’ slogans.

“Netaji never spoke of secularism; it was brought by Indira Gandhi in the 1970s. All these statements he is making, do not make sense.

He has become politically irrelevant. Holding an important position, he had been routinely embarrassing the party. The BJP is a regimented party. Nobody is above the party here.”