About Harjinder Singh – The Man in Blue

The Man in Blue in Lanark, Scotland

Cornelis Harjinder Singh Heule

I was born in 1947 in Roermond in the Netherlands as Cornelis Heule. I am known as Harjinder Singh, names given to me when I became an initiated Sikh in 1996.

I followed primary school in my hometown and the first half of my secondary in Heerlen. I then moved to Amstelveen (near Amsterdam) where I finished secondary school.

I went to University in Amsterdam, but I got caught up in the student movement, and did not end up with any letters before or after my name. I worked for about 25 years in the travel industry, both in Amsterdam and in Dublin. In 1996 I went to Amritsar in Panjab, where I stayed for four years.


In the first 2½ years of my stay in Panjab I studied Sikhí and its history, and made myself useful in the Harmander Sahib complex in Amritsar. The last 1½ year in Panjab I stayed mostly in Chandigarh, where I did voluntary work for the Institute of Sikh Studies.


In 2000 I came to West London, where I lived untill June 2010. I did not have a ‘job’ but was involved in a number of different organisations as a volunteer and as ‘faith and cultural diversity consultant’.

I was a member of the multi-faith chaplaincy team at Heathrow and at Richmond upon Thames College and was involved in a Sikh lobby group and advisory groups to the police. I did diversity training for the Slough REC, and was the National Development Officer of Faith & Belief in Further Education.

On June 17 2010 I moved to Sint Truiden in the Dutch speaking Belgian province of Limburg, where I tried to make myself useful by using my language skills.

In June 2013 I moved back to my beloved Southall, and started working with the Sikh Federation. I also worked with St Ethelburga’s, Hounslow Friends of Faiths, Ealing Transport Users Group, Faiths and Beliefs in Further Education, All Faiths and None and European Network Of Religion and Belief.

I was politically active in the Liberal Democrats and tried to liaise between the Sikhs in Belgium and the Sikh Federation.

In January 2016 I moved back to Belgium and lived with Evi (Pyar Kaur) in Erps-Kwerps (Vlaams-Brabant) and Evi and I moved in October 2016 to Gent (Oost-Vlaanderen).

I am now 70 years of age, busy and happy,

Harjinder Singh

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  1. 0paaa… alles goed?!?!

    Ben bezigg met werksutk 0ver Sikhs in worldwars voor Geschiedenis.
    al byna klaaar eigenlyk.. heel mooie werkstuk:o

    z0cht nog wat Info over de program van 2008 in Ieper ..
    kwam terecht op uw weblog :O

    Likee it!

    voordat u niet weet wie ik ben ..
    Jatinder Singhs dochter, Kanwall!

    Gr0ettjess from Thee netherlandss aa Laaa Hayee !

    Sat Sri Akaaaalluhh

  2. I love your site. Keep it up !

  3. Hi, nice to meet you !

  4. Satsirakal We really need your help we really need your support.
    Belgium vich kultar singh asylum kar ne liye
    2bar giya par uss nal bahut galat hooya ussnu
    bool they hai k tu apni pag khol apni distar
    khol apna jhoora(hairs) khol fir tuhadi pic
    nikala gey.. Te uuna ne nahi maaniya te police ne bahar nikal dita ussnu. Fir doobar
    gurudware shb to uuna ne paper lee k gey firse
    police ne nikal dita n kiya k do not come back
    here But think is we have no rights in belgium
    I want u to take interview of kultar singh and
    show the while europa that what is going on in belgium Kultar singh’s number is
    0032493811113 Satsirakal

  5. WGJK WGJF.. Keep up the great work Harjinder, you have been truly blessed by Guru Ji. I value your words on Maya and Egotism, as well as your useful interpretations of Bani. I hope to see you sometime in Southall.


  6. Sath sri akaal… 🙏
    I just want to tell you that you r the best person i came across to.. Keep doing your best to sikhi..
    May waheguruji always keep you in chardikala

  7. You inspire me and enlighten me! I am very proud to be Sikh and try hard to live by the rules of Seva. Not easy in a modern world. I would love to connect with you and understand more about the work you undertake.

  8. Getting touch of Sikhi is remarkable and wonderful.
    Jin prem kiyo thin hee Prabh paaeyo

  9. Een zuster van ons die pas Amrit gedaan heeft en nu een Kirpan draagt wil graag weten of ze hoe ziet die mag dragen op Schiphol.(niet achter douane ) als daar een dispensatie of regelgeving voor is zou ik dit graag zwart op wit willen hebben. Bij ons in de Gurdwara in Amsterdam hebben ze Tzoiets niet. Personlijk trek mij er niet zo veel van aan, bij mij zit hij uit het zicht en wat niet weet…..
    Alleen als er gefouilleerd wordt zou er een probleem kunnen zijn.

    • TatHarJot Roels-Kaur

      Je kunt beter contact opnemen met Theodorus Singh die in Nederland woont en de Nederlandse situatie veel beter kent dan ik.

      En met een Belgisch antwoord schiet je niets op !


      Harjinder Singh

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