Gent: Tolpoort – Rabot – Hortensiastraat / Geuzenhuis / Mata Sahib Kaur Gurdwara

Tolpoort – Rabot – Hortensiastraat
31 March 2017

I took tram 4 from Tolpoort to Rabot
Another 4 approaching the Rabot stop

Tram 1 to Flanders Expo

Hortensiastraat – Tram 1 to Evergem

Hortensiastraat – Tram 1 to Evergem

02 April 2017

Geuzenhuis – Vrijzinnigen/Humanists
During the March Profundo programmes the Gurdwara, The OLV Sint-Pieterskerk and the Geuzenhuis were visited

Gent Gurdwara
02 April 2017

Bhog of Akhand Path
Reading of the final pages of the Guru Granth Sahib

Mata Sahib Kaur Gurdwara
Kortrijksepoortstraat 49
B-9000 Gent – Oost-Vlaanderen

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