Sint-Niklaas – Berchem – Adventure travel organised by the NMBS

On my way to Antwerpen – Berchem we had to change trains in Sint-Niklaas and went from there via Mechelen to Berchem. This only resulted in a 20 minute delay.

Sint-Niklaas NMBS
07 September 2019

We got to Sint-Niklaas in the doubledecker train on the right

The all station train from Gent Dampoort is to take all
Antwerpen bound passengers to
Berchem and Antwerpen Centraal

Platform full of disappointed passengers

Berchem – Lokeren – Dendermonde – Gent-Sint-PietersĀ 
07 September 2019

Antwerpen Berchem

Antwerpen Centraal – Roosendaal (NL)

IC to Hasselt

More Belgian pictures to be published
Harjinder Singh
Man in Blue