– Kar Seva’s Baba Jagtar Singh evicted from Sri Tarn Taran Sahib

Tarn Taran Sahib – Panjab – India, 01 April 2019. Following massive uproar of the Sikh Sangat in Punjab and worldwide, SGPC has taken the step the expel Jagtar Singh “Kar Seva” from Darbar Sahib Sri Tarn Taran Sahib.

Sikh activists are still present at Sri Darbar Sahib in Tarn Taran Sahib in large numbers. Bhai Baldev Singh Vadala (ex-hazoori ragi Sri Darbar Sahib) gave the following statement after the demolition of the Darshani Deordi last night by the Kar Seva babas.

“Kar Seva Jathas arrived here in large number last night. They came well equipped the remove the Darshani Deordi at night time. They had several weapons with them and when they were stopped by a handful of local Sikhs, those Sikhs were in turn attacked by the Kar Seva Jatha.”

After the incident, Sikh activists are calling for ex-communication of Baba Jagtar Singh from the Sikh faith and removal of Gobind Singh Longowal as the SGPC President.

“RSS/Modi gang/Hindu agencies are directly responsible for this and Longowal as well as Badal or both complicit in this. After Harmandr Sahib’s historic destruction in the name of making it a “tourist spot with VIP lounges ” this dastardly act is a part of the series which aims to destroy Sikh history, culture and identity.

The recent attacks on Sikhs in Haryana, Rudarpur and preventing Sikhs from giving exams with their articles of faith or all being done at the behest of Hindu agencies under RSS/Modi.”