– “This is India, not Hindia,” Tamil Nadu tells Amit Shah

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Chennai – Tamil Nadu – India, 15 September 2019. Despite adopting every cheap tactic, the BJP led Indian government doesn’t appear achieving its goal of fulfilling RSS’ dream of Hindu, Hindi and Hindustan.

The Indian Home Minister Amit Shah has come under fire after giving a call to make Hindi, the unifying language of India, by taking it to every individual and home and using it in every aspect of life.

Amit Shah said this while addressing the ‘Hindi Divas Samaroh’ in New Delhi on September 14.

Going across the party line, the political leaders of Tamil Nadu have slammed Amit Shah for giving this call. Both the ruling AIADMK and the opposition DMK have been observed on the same page on this issue.

Warning the Centre of another language war, DMK president M K Stalin demanded Amit Shah to take back his statement on Hindi as they were detrimental to national unity and integrity.

“This is India not Hindia. The DMK will not hesitate to unite states which might lose their legitimate rights on account of Hindi hegemony. The party’s high-level policy making body will meet on Monday to decide on the future course of action,” he told the media.

The Education Minister of Tamil Nadu K A Sengottaiyan has asserted that the state is wedded to the teaching of two language formula (Mother tongue Tamil and English) which was being implemented since the days of Anna, the Dravidian stalwart and former Chief Minister C N Annadurai.

“Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami had made it clear to the PM and the Home Minister during his interactions that Tamil Nadu would follow only the two language formula,” he said, accompanied by Fisheries Minister K Jayakumar.

Minister for Tamil Development and Culture Mafoi K Pandiarajan said that the Centre shouldn’t impose Hindi at this juncture. “…All the 22 languages should be nourished and people in due course will opt for one among them as the national language,” Pandiarajan said.

Marumalarchi DMK (MDMK) general secretary Vaiko is of the view that imposing Hindi would Balkanise the nation.

“Imposing Hindi on non-Hindi speaking states would lead to the Balkanisation of the country with only the Hindi speaking states remaining in the Indian Union,” Vaiko said.

“Hindi can never be the identity of India on the global arena. Amit Shah is wrong as it contains the seeds of divisiveness,” tweeted PMK president S Ramadoss.

“This is India, not Hindia,” Tamil Nadu tells Amit Shah

The Pioneer – Tamil Nadu and Tamils in danger, warns Vaiko

Kumar Chellappan

Chennai – Tamil Nadu – India, 10 July 2019. Vayapuri Gopalasamy, known as Vaiko, has alleged that both Tamil Nadu and the Tamil Eelam are in danger as the BJP and the RSS have chalked out a plan to destroy the Tamils. He also lambasted the Congress government for betraying the Sri Lankan Tamils in their fight for a separate country.

Speaking to reporters at Chennai on Tuesday after his nomination form for the upcoming Rajya Sabha election was accepted by the Returning Officer, Vaiko said it was the then Congress Government at the Centre that betrayed the Tamils in Sri Lanka which resulted in the defeat of the LTTE in the hands of the island nation’s defence forces.

The MDMK general secretary, who has been nominated as a member of the Rajya Sabha as an act of goodwill by the DMK president M K Stalin said that he would raise his voice for the Tamils and the formation of a separate Tamil Eelam. Though Vaiko did not name the Congress for betrayal of Tamils in Sri Lanka, he came down heavily on BJP for its efforts to destroy the natural resources and wealth of the State.

He said though the State was being robbed of its natural resources and environment, he was aghast that there were no uprisings in Tamil Nadu. “Tamil Nadu is in danger and that is reason why I agreed to be a member of the Rajya Sabha. I’ll fight against the BJP and its Hindutva politics,” said Vaiko.

Vaiko, the LTTE’s Tamil Nadu face, does not miss any opportunity to praise the volunteers of the terrorist organisation and its slain leader V Prabhakaran, He is also in the forefront in the agitation to set free the seven assassins of Rajiv Gandhi who are undergoing life term in a Chennai prison.—tamils-in-danger–warns-vaiko.html

The Hindustan Times – Southern railways withdraws circular on Hindi usage after Stalin’s warning

The Southern Railway had issued a circular asking station masters and train operation controllers to communicate in Hindi or in English and not in regional languages to avoid any miscommunication. On Friday, the circular was withdrawn.

Chennai – Tamil Nadu – India, 14 June 2019. Last month, the Southern Railway had issued a circular asking station masters and train operation controllers to communicate in Hindi or in English and not in regional languages to avoid any miscommunication.

The Southern Railway Mazdoor Union (SRMU) had opposed the move as a backdoor imposition of Hindi in Tamil Nadu.

The SRMU had also asked whether the travelling public in Tamil Nadu would also be asked to learn Hindi or English to communicate with the station masters.

In its revised circular, the Railways has asked its employees to communicate in such a manner so as not to result in any misunderstanding of the messages.

Reacting to the original circular, DMK President M K Stalin said it is arrogance on part of the Railways to say that communication should not be in Tamil in Tamil Nadu.

He said, the instruction not to speak in Tamil in Tamil Nadu but only in Hindi is not just imposition of Hindi but language dominance.

Stalin warned railway officials to stop such “silly” orders or “his party would put a stop to it”.