389.The Man in Blue – Moral politicians, Moral us ?

I am not impressed by the present hysteria around MP’s expenses. If you have lived in India, Pakistan or Bangladesh you know what corruption is really like. What our MPs have been up to is ‘peanuts’ compared with sub-continental practices.

Our MPs keep saying that what they did was within the law and approved by the relevant authorities. Apart from some MPs who really stretched the interpretation of the rules to the very limit, this seems to be true.

Mind you, changing the status of your first residence to second residence for financial gain and selling properties that have been bought with financial support of the taxpayers and pocketing the profits sounds like fraud.

The real problem is not that most of our MPs are particularly bad, but that they are a reflection of our society where ‘making money’ is the number one value and where many people think that they have a right to extraordinary large slices of the cake, because of the position they have in society.

People are not encouraged to judge on ethical grounds, but on ‘what you can get away with’, more or less within the rules.

Does an MP need a huge income ? Does an MP have to be on an equal footing with a captain of industry ? Do top bureaucrats need to earn £ 100.000 a year or more ? Are even our local councillors not overpaid ?

Many of us could easily do with less, fewer earthly goods, simpler food, simpler clothing. Urban poor often live on fast food and claim they cannot afford fresh food. But rice or roti with simple mixed vegetables is cheaper and healthier than the frozen or tinned foods from the supermarket !

We should all, in business, in politics, in government jobs or whatever look at the ethical side of our life first and foremost. Is it justified to earn 50.000 or more while people who do ‘simple’ but essential jobs like cleaning do not even get half of it ? Is it really justified claiming certain expenses, would you not have bought these things anyway, business trip or not ?

Imagine that you were to meet with any of our Gurus, could you look him straight into the eyes explaining your lifestyle, the unnecessary things that you spend your money on, the time and energy wasted on acquiring Maya ?

Our MPs would be happier with less, we all would be happier with less. Spending less, living a simpler life will make us richer than any millionaire, and will cure the ills western and eastern societies suffer from. Not just living for ‘me, me, me’ but sharing with others is the profitable way of life.

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