– “They have killed our mother, kill the Sikhs,” genocide victim reiterates Sajjan Kumar’s wording before the court

By Sikh24 Editors

New Delhi – India, 08 March 2019. Reiterating her witness against the 1984 Sikh genocide culprit Sajjan Kumar on March 7, Cham Kaur told the Court that Sajjan Kumar had played a key role in instigating the fanatic Hindu mobs to kill Sikhs.

She clarified that she heard him saying “Inhone hamari ma maar di. Sardaro ko maar do” (They have killed our mother… kill the Sikhs).

Cham Kaur is a key prosecution witness against several genocide culprits including Sajjan Kumar in a case pertaining to the 1984 Sikh genocide. Her father Sardarji Singh and son Kapoor Singh were brutally killed by the fanatic Hindu mobs led by Sajjan Kumar in Sultanpuri area.

Although the defense lawyer tried to affect Cham Kaur’s witness against his client by saying that she took names of all the genocide culprits in her statement and never named Sajjan Kumar but Cham Kaur bluntly replied to him that she always named Kumar as the one who instigated the mob.

It is pertinent to note here that Cham Kaur had given statement before the Court of District Judge Poonam A Bamba that she had seen Sajjan Kumar instigating the Hindu mobs to kill the Sikhs on 01 November 1984, when she had gone outside to look for her goat.

“Next day, they attacked my home and killed by son and father by throwing them from the top of the roof,” she had said while adding that she herself received injuries during this attack.

Recognizing Sajjan Kumar in the Court, she had told the Court that she could recognize him as she used to visit him for getting the papers stamped for making ration card and passport along with her family members. She further named other persons who were shot dead on the same date by the mob.